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just a weekend

Posted by Cauri on April 16, 2007

This weather is insane. It took me an hour & half to get home from Ryan’s this morning, due to all the flooding and people not knowing how to drive when it rains. I finally get home, and now it’s snowing. Supposedly we’re in a state of emergency, but school isn’t canceled, so I’ve got some homework to do.

The weekend was amazing. Bruno came with me out to Ryan’s on Friday night, and he really loved the city life. He just adores Ryan, and it’s so sweet to see how Bruno looks to him for comfort. On Saturday we dropped Bruno back off at my house and headed all the way out to Blairstown to hike. We did about 5 miles, and it was pretty flat and easy walking, but we figured that’d be a good start to “spring” hiking. Then we drove to Hot Dog Johnny’s, where I used to go all the time when I was a kid. Ryan scarfed down three hot dogs, and I snacked away on my fries. The hot dogs smelled really good to me though, and for some reason we agreed that I can eat hot dogs when I’m pregnant. I’m aware that that’s entirely hypocritical. But for whatever reason, I just think it may be impossible to ignore the urge to eat certain animals when there’s a person in my stomach.  (On second thought, that sentence really creeped me out.)

On Sunday we booked a vacation for early June to St. Thomas. Six nights/seven days, nonstop flights, a beautiful hotel, beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and hopefully some peace and quiet. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a week after finishing college.


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Had to get away

Posted by Cauri on April 9, 2007

Ryan and I have both been so overwhelmed with life lately that we decided to get away for the weekend. Actually, Ryan surprised me on Wednesday by booking a room in Boston for Saturday night. We didn’t even realize it was Easter weekend, so it was perfect, because nobody was around. It only took a little over 3 hours to get up there, and in general the city was pretty empty. There was the occasional Jesus-pusher or homeless man, but most of the time we could walk everywhere without anybody pissing us off.

Boston was one of the first trips we took as a couple two years ago. It was exciting, because it was the first city we’ve gone back to, so we went to all the same restaurants and same romantic spots we found last time. The hotel was in a much better location this time though, and it was so beautiful. The city itself was very cold and windy, so our only complaints were windburn, sore throats, and runny noses. And the fact that all 40 of my pictures of the trip were taken in a ten-minute timeframe because that was the only time my hands braved the cold.

Over-all it was exactly what we needed. Instead of ranting about coworkers and professors, our conversations were about buildings and food and where to go next. I love exploring cities with Ryan, and I can’t wait to find out where we’ll be going/what we’ll be doing in June, although St. Thomas is at the top of our list. =)

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Extraordinary vacation?

Posted by Cauri on April 3, 2007

I got a letter in the mail a couple days ago letting me know that three of my classes have been waived, and my final day of school will be May 31st.  I wish I could be happy, but I’m so overloaded with work right now that I don’t think I’ll be excited until May gets here!  Every week I just have more papers/tests/presentations that it’s hard to focus on anything past what is due tonight.  But I have started to get thoughts together, because once June gets here I am going to need a job.  Or at least a something to do.  I’ll go back to school in a year or two, but I definitely want to find a job for the summer/fall/whenever I can land something.  Ryan and I have also decided to take a vacation the first week of June.  A huge, something extraordinary vacation.  But I have no idea where to go.  We’ve tossed around Ireland, Hawaii, Prague, Caribbean cruise…I think I’m definitely going to be more in the mood to just sit on a beach with no one else around than I’ll be to go discovering cities and places I’ve never seen before.  So probably an island vacation would be nice.  I have about five years of stress that needs to melt away.

Suggestions, anyone?

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hiking & dreams

Posted by Cauri on September 11, 2006

So I called psycho back last night and let her know that I won’t be taking her on as a client.  I have four other families I’m babysitting for this week alone, and I will be seeing most of them at least twice this week.  Which means, this week is very full and very busy, but it’s good news because i have 2 more books to buy and no money with which to buy them.  I won’t even get to see Ryan this weekend, which is almost painful, but I will be with him on Sunday, and we might finally go to the Renaissance Faire! 

Last weekend was very dreamlike.  Friday night we cuddled and read and drank wine and shared our deepest thoughts and feelings.  Saturday we woke up pretty early and hiked along the Hudson, at Palisades State Park.  The first 3 miles were pretty easy, and it felt great to be out in the sun and walking along together, but when it came time to climb up to the top of the cliffs…that was a little painful.  We hadn’t done anything like that since Maine, which was 2 months ago!  When we finally got to the top, we rested for a while, and then the last 3 miles we actually finished pretty quickly, both beaming and feeling great, and holding hands, and talking about anything & everything.  I love that connected feeling with him.  I’d really missed that.  We finished the hike by 2 (two hours earlier than we expected), so we felt great about ourselves and went home and snuggled into a long nap.  We’ve vowed to continue hiking every weekend through the fall and into the winter.  We might take a trip up to Vermont and hike for a weekend, but it really depends on my money situation, since Christmas & Ryan’s birthday are right around the corner.

Ryan’s dream lately has been to hike the Appalachian, so I guess in a way, we’ve just started finding more information about it, and sort of started the beginning stages of possibly preparing for it.  I think I could be ready in about two years.  It’s sort of crazy that it costs an insane amount of money to fend for yourself in the wilderness for 5 months.  But I think it’d be an amazing experience to share with him.  My dream has always been to backpack through Europe for a couple months.  I guess the two situations are sort of parallel.  So as long as we make it to Ireland for a little while, I’ll gladly trek through the wilderness with Ryan for a few months.  Of course certain things terrify me, like hoisting myself over rock ledges 5,000 feet in the air, while wearing a 40-pound backpack.  So I’m going to need to do a little practice before I feel completely comfortable in that area, but I do have other things going for me–I’m not terrified of mice or bears, and I could easily eat rice & beans for 3 meals a day for a few months.  So I’m reading my first book about it now, and I have an overwhelming sense of, “Yes, we can do this,” and now I’m fantasizing about the hilarious and incredible stories we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren someday.

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Moments I will never forget

Posted by Cauri on July 18, 2006

From my vacation in Acadia National Park (on Mount Desert Island, in Maine):

-Stopping to enjoy a lunch beside a pond on top of a mountain:

-Being awoken to the sound of Ryan doing the dishes and cooking me breakfast.

-Drinking beer after beer at the Lompoc Cafe, while listening to Tori and Dar Williams.

-Forgetting my fear of heights and just climbing:

-Roaming around drunk through Bar Harbor, making Ryan laugh.

-Sneaking blueberry ice cream onto the bus.

-Laughing at myself, every time i run from a bee:

-Drinking blueberry beer and throwing caution to the wind by eating a 2 & 1/2 pound lobster.

-Viewing the island’s little secrets that can only be seen by boat.

-Taking the time to zone out and meditate:

-Sharing each and every amazing, life-altering moment with the one I’ll love forever.

Those are the moments I will never forget.

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back home

Posted by Cauri on July 16, 2006

That was the vacation of a lifetime.  I just started updating flickr with some pictures…But it’s sort of a daunting task, since we have 600 pictures to go through.  It’s very hard to re-adjust to life back home, especially because i just don’t want to!  But I do need to get myself to bed, since i have work in 6 hours.  Maine really felt like home to me.  Maybe in a few years it will be.

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Never coming home…

Posted by Cauri on July 13, 2006

Just a taste of what we’ve seen:

I’ve never experienced anything like this before.  I’m trying to find ways to make a living on this island.  I do not want to leave in two days.

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ready for acadia?

Posted by Cauri on July 7, 2006

I only have about 100,000 thousand more things to do to get ready for Maine before we leave at 4 tomorrow morning =)

Hope everybody has a great week, and I can promise there will be hundreds of pictures to look through when we get back.

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i can’t wait to live and breathe you

Posted by Cauri on June 19, 2006

Work's alright again.  I've been very positive and friendly and funny with everyone lately, no matter who i'm stuck working with, and so far it seems to be working.  Especially since we have a lot of new people, and why not at least mold them into interesting and funny people…I don't wanna be stuck with grumpy people all summer.  So it's been fun lately…Today i felt kinda sick and the day reeeally dragged (but what monday doesn't, when you wake up at 4:30?)

I love the kids i'm babysitting lately too.  There are really only 2 families now that i regularly babysit for (weekly), and there's a third family that i babysit once or twice a month.  The rest…i stopped calling back.  There's no need to pick up any new families, or work with kids i don't enjoy.  Even though i'm still getting calls from new people at least once or twice a week.  If anybody ever wants to babysit in the state of new jersey, i have a very long list of very needy parents who you can gladly pick up some hours for. 

Ryan and I are getting things together for Maine now, and I've never ever ever been this excited for a vacation before.  We will be spending eight entire days together in an apartment in the middle of the woods on the coast of Maine.  It is bound to be an absolutely amazing experience.  I can't wait to live and breathe each other for eight full days.  Eight full days where i can almost guarantee i won't get cellphone service, and where i shouldn't use the internet.  That means eight full days of nobody calling me to cover their shift at work, no annoying sudden babysitting jobs, no angry mother leaving me messages…Nobody will be able to reach me except ryan.  I just want to be completely immersed in nature and ryan.  We'll cook most of our meals, and we'll be out exploring the island during the day.  We'll watch sunrises and starry skies.  We'll search for puffins, whales, and moose.  I'll wake up everyday in ryan's arms and snuggle him to sleep every night.  I absolutely cannot wait.  It's going to be incredible.

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Amazing anniversary (and lots of wild ponies)

Posted by Cauri on May 1, 2006

The view from our balcony Friday night

What an amazing vacation.  We're home, and I'm completely worn out, but I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend our anniversary.  Despite the insane weather (and a constant flow of freezing winds), and the fact that ryan & I both ended up sick & miserable, the trip was absolutely perfect.  Chincoteague Island was absolutely beautiful.  We have SO many pictures.  I just posted about a hundred on flickr and I already hit my limit of uploads for the month.  We were in Chincoteague, VA from Fri-Sun…So we explored the national wildlife refuge on the Virginia side of Assateague Island.  Then on Sunday afternoon we drove up to the Maryland side of Assateague Island, which is a national park, and we explored the trails there.  The 2 halves of the island were entirely different in every way.  In Chincoteague we definitely spent more time noticing the birds and taking in the scenery.  In Maryland, the wild ponies were around every corner–and definitely had no fear of humans.  I divided the pictures into 2 sets (VA and MD) so go and explore the pictures, let me know what you think.  I'll update more later =)

Wild pony

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