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what would be nice

Posted by Cauri on May 16, 2007

oh, what a month.  While I was constantly writing papers and/or studying for exams and/or trying to remember which class was at which time on which day, Bruno was crying/screaming/irritable and generally unable to move.  My baby had lyme disease.  Which meant he cried and screamed when he had to lay down, he cried and screamed when he had to get up, he cried and screamed when he had to pee, he cried and screamed when he had to eat, he cried all night, he cried all day.  It took a whopping FOUR trips to my genius vet…(That’s four trips of me carrying a 70-pound dog to and from my car and to and from the office) before he diagnosed lyme disease.  He’s on antibiotics now, so he’s been a dream, but man, that was a rough month.

Now that he’s feeling better though, his personality has just come bursting through, and we all love him to death.  He’s such a lover.  He’s still very much a puppy, but he is such a snuggly cuddle monster.  And, once he hit seven months, he got his ears! 

So I’ve just spent my time spoiling him to death, and now it will be impossible for me to ever leave home. 

But in other news, my six finals are OVER, and I’m almost through my first week of my summer class.  So now I’ve started the job search.  I have an interview lined up next week for an adolescent youth shelter, which would be perfect!  I’m hoping I just land the job so that I can take a break from stress.  With everything I’m coming out of, I would love it if my life could just consist of going to work and coming home. 

Yeah, that would be nice.


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My view of Dobes

Posted by Cauri on April 2, 2007

As Bruno and I have been spending all of our time together, he has completely changed my view of Doberman pinschers. He is my baby. He is a very large baby (63 pounds), but he is such a baby. He loves to cuddle, lick, snuggle, play, and cuddle some more. A few months ago, if I had seen another Dobe being walked a few feet away from me on a trail in the park, I would probably pause and/or freak out, and I try to remind myself of this, but every time I take Bruno for a walk and somebody freaks out, I get so angry!  He doesn’t even pay attention to other people when we’re on a walk.  He is not a fierce biting machine.  He is a puppy!

So many people have made nasty comments to me, like, “Well, maybe your dog’s nice, but it’s the breed”, as they slowly walk in the other direction. Or my favorite, by some yuppie at the dog park, “Ugh, not this dog again.” (Because he’s too big to play with her miniature piece of vomit.) This dog seems to be the friendliest dog I’ve ever counted, to other dogs and to other humans. He doesn’t greet people incessantly. He minds his own business. But if someone seems interested, he’s more than happy to play with them for a while or let them scratch his neck.

My brother took him to the vet last week, and Bruno was laying on the floor licking a little girl’s face, when two older women walked in. They saw Bruno and froze in the doorway. “Be careful,” warned my brother, sarcastically, “He bites.” They panicked. “Really?” My brother shook his head and was like, “He’s licking some little girl who he’s never met before!”

People have been so conditioned to fear Dobes, just because they happen to represent attack dogs in practically every movie.  And I’m sure if you conditioned them to live in your backyard and only have contact with a human or two, they will turn into fierce, human-eating monsters.  I’m also sure that if you tried to sneak into my house and Bruno had never met you before, he would probably become very territorial and would want you to leave.  But as long as he’s meeting you on neutral territory, as in on a trail in a park, he would probably pay no attention to you and would simply walk on.

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Life in general

Posted by Cauri on March 13, 2007

Life has just been going too fast lately. And it’s weird, because in a way, I’m actually loving it. It’s full speed ahead to the end of my college career, to the end of my babysitting career, to a real life in the real world.

Last week I had a great night out with Lauren for her birthday. It was some very much-needed girl time, where we could just talk about the things that really matter in our lives. It was a lot of fun to hang out with her, and it brought back all sorts of memories. We had dinner together and then just drove around (since she locked herself out of her apartment) and then we ate sundaes at Friendly’s. It’s so weird that she’s a girl that quickly became my best friend when we met when we were 11 years old. She turned 23 two weeks ago.

The following week, my dad and brother took off to Tennessee for my dad’s work, leaving me and Ryan home with the Brunster for four days. It was a great weekend for the three of us, bonding in ways we hadn’t experienced before, Ryan and I acting as the parents, and Bruno, our little pride and joy. We loved taking him out everywhere and showing him off, to people in the park and to admirers at Petsmart. The three of us cuddled in bed at night, Bruno pushing his little nose to our lips when he had to go out, and then dashing straight back to bed to snuggle back to sleep. When my family came home Sunday night, it was sad. Watching Bruno race around the house, completely ignoring the family we’d created that weekend. It was great practice for me and Ryan. Cooking our meals together at home, sneaking out for an hour to have time alone, only to race back because we missed Bruno. We’re so ready to have a life and a family together.

Bruno’s been mostly my responsibility lately anyway, since my brother decided to take on a part-time job (in addition to his business) and then stay out late every night. But yesterday, Bruno hurt his little leg jumping out of bed with my brother in the morning. Brett put him in my bed and then headed off to work, and for four hours the puppy just cried and cried and cried. I thought he just missed Brett, maybe he was just tired and needed cuddling. Until I realized he had hurt his leg. The rest of the day was spent carrying the 60-pound baby to and from the car, to and from the vet’s, to and from the couch. X-rays showed nothing was wrong, so he was drugged and returned to us. He cried for three more hours until he finally passed out. When he woke up around 9:00 last night, he was suddenly cured. He was racing madly around the house, tossing around every toy he could find, eager to make up for the day he lost. He’s in the same mood today. He’s fine. I wish I could say the same about my back.

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3-month-old Bruno

Posted by Cauri on January 15, 2007

On a positive note, the puppy is amazing! He has an incredible personality and disposition. The vet was incredibly impressed by him, as is his teacher at puppy school. He is going to be a very smart dog…which makes me nervous, as I don’t want a dog that weighs as much as I do trying to outsmart me!

But over-all, he is a very calm, smart, and patient dog.

Tonight he climbed up in my dad’s recliner just to settle in for a nap =)

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What they don’t tell you about doberman puppies

Posted by Cauri on December 21, 2006

This Bruno thing is wiping me out! I don’t have much time to write this, because who knows how long that puppy will be asleep, but I thought I should just make a quick list to sum up my past week.

Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Agree to Buy a Doberman Pinscher Puppy:

1. He will cry and shriek and bark and howl nonstop for the first three nights in his new home, waking up everyone in the neighborhood.

2. You will need to stuff tampons in his ears and re-tape them to stick up on top of his head every three days for the first six-eight months of his life.

3. Even in a household that consists of three adults, each taking turns to care for the new puppy, nobody will feel refreshed and energized when it is their turn again. Everyone walks around with bags under their eyes. Everyone is snappy. Everyone is exhausted.

4. Out of all of his “tough” toys, his favorite will be the rainbow-colored squeaky toy, so you might want to prepare yourself for the 24-hours of rhythmic squeaking a day.

5. This big, tough, ferocious dog will cower when he hears certain life-threatening noises, like the sound of a schoolbus driving down the street, or the sound of somebody making ice in the kitchen, three rooms away.

6. The same big, tough, ferocious dog will only sleep soundly if he falls asleep in a cozy lap and is carefully carried to bed. He will then need four soft kisses on the back of his neck and will need to hear what a “good, sweet boy” he is, whispered in his ear.

7. And because we have a “super” doberman pinscher (i.e. he will grow to be 120 lbs.), he needs to eat a lot, which means he needs to exericse a lot. This we knew. What we didn’t know was that in the middle of a long walk, in the middle of the woods, our strong little puppy, who a minute ago was running at lightning speed, will just give up. He will lay his adorable little puppy body down in the middle of the path, and you will need to scoop him up, carry him up the large hill, and all the way home. You will then need to carry him to his bed and repeat the second half of #6.

If you couldn’t already tell, Bruno has completely changed my life.  And he is absolutely adored =)

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