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a little more…

tidbits about me:

– I’m 22 and trying to find myself.

– My boyfriend Ryan is my other half. 

– I have a passion for hiking with my boyfriend.  Exploring new territory, being one with nature and my love.

– I work for starbucks, where i can share my passion for coffee and my passion for the planet.  I’m also very involved with the community through starbucks, where we are constantly volunteering for local organizations.  Starbucks also allows me to host a weekly storytime for toddlers & preschoolers.

The touchy subjects:

– I’m Pagan.

– I’ve been vegetarian for six years, and although I don’t feel everyone immediately has to become vegetarian, at least there are a few intelligent and compassionate people on the planet who are committed to making a difference.

– I love kids.  I’ve nannied since I was 18, and I can be found on many parenting forums.  I’m very “AP” in my childcare style.  I don’t feel it’s necessary for a child to ever feel insignificant.  There’s no excuse to ever hurt a child, through actions OR through words.  I think there needs to be a bigger push now, more than ever, to really lead your child to become the best that they can be.  Of course they need discipline and guidance, but above all they need to be nurtured. 

– My views on childrearing lead me to also be extremely pro-choice.  Many parents today aren’t ready to be parents.  They aren’t viewing their children as sacred; they’re viewing them as burdens.  If you aren’t ready to devote your life to parenting your child, then don’t bring that child into this world.  Or at least give it to someone who will cherish them.  End of story.

 But, above all else:

-I love to travel to new places with my boyfriend, whether that’s exploring the woods in our backyards, or venturing to new cities, or exploring desolate islands, or visiting national parks.  I live in the woods in suburban New Jersey, where I have a bear, bobcats, skunks, and foxes roaming freely in my backyard.  My boyfriend can see the NY skyline from his house.  We’re versatile.


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