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what would be nice

Posted by Cauri on May 16, 2007

oh, what a month.  While I was constantly writing papers and/or studying for exams and/or trying to remember which class was at which time on which day, Bruno was crying/screaming/irritable and generally unable to move.  My baby had lyme disease.  Which meant he cried and screamed when he had to lay down, he cried and screamed when he had to get up, he cried and screamed when he had to pee, he cried and screamed when he had to eat, he cried all night, he cried all day.  It took a whopping FOUR trips to my genius vet…(That’s four trips of me carrying a 70-pound dog to and from my car and to and from the office) before he diagnosed lyme disease.  He’s on antibiotics now, so he’s been a dream, but man, that was a rough month.

Now that he’s feeling better though, his personality has just come bursting through, and we all love him to death.  He’s such a lover.  He’s still very much a puppy, but he is such a snuggly cuddle monster.  And, once he hit seven months, he got his ears! 

So I’ve just spent my time spoiling him to death, and now it will be impossible for me to ever leave home. 

But in other news, my six finals are OVER, and I’m almost through my first week of my summer class.  So now I’ve started the job search.  I have an interview lined up next week for an adolescent youth shelter, which would be perfect!  I’m hoping I just land the job so that I can take a break from stress.  With everything I’m coming out of, I would love it if my life could just consist of going to work and coming home. 

Yeah, that would be nice.


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