My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

just a weekend

Posted by Cauri on April 16, 2007

This weather is insane. It took me an hour & half to get home from Ryan’s this morning, due to all the flooding and people not knowing how to drive when it rains. I finally get home, and now it’s snowing. Supposedly we’re in a state of emergency, but school isn’t canceled, so I’ve got some homework to do.

The weekend was amazing. Bruno came with me out to Ryan’s on Friday night, and he really loved the city life. He just adores Ryan, and it’s so sweet to see how Bruno looks to him for comfort. On Saturday we dropped Bruno back off at my house and headed all the way out to Blairstown to hike. We did about 5 miles, and it was pretty flat and easy walking, but we figured that’d be a good start to “spring” hiking. Then we drove to Hot Dog Johnny’s, where I used to go all the time when I was a kid. Ryan scarfed down three hot dogs, and I snacked away on my fries. The hot dogs smelled really good to me though, and for some reason we agreed that I can eat hot dogs when I’m pregnant. I’m aware that that’s entirely hypocritical. But for whatever reason, I just think it may be impossible to ignore the urge to eat certain animals when there’s a person in my stomach.  (On second thought, that sentence really creeped me out.)

On Sunday we booked a vacation for early June to St. Thomas. Six nights/seven days, nonstop flights, a beautiful hotel, beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and hopefully some peace and quiet. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a week after finishing college.


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