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Cell phone story

Posted by Cauri on March 13, 2007

Since I’ve been spending most of my days alone with Bruno and heading off to school at night, I like to tire him out early in the day so I can get my studying done in the afternoon.  I’ve been taking him to the dog park a lot, because it’s great for him.  It’s great exercise, and it’s great for him to learn to play with other dogs.  We definitely don’t want a dog-aggressive Dobe.

About two weeks ago, we had a lot of rainfall, which caused a lot of snow melting.  I just didn’t want to bring Bruno to the dogpark because I didn’t want a muddy mess in my car.  So I brought him across town to some of the newly paved trails.  They were still pretty icy and snowy, but in my head I figured, at least it isn’t muddy.  Before I left my car, I faced the decision of what to bring with me–I decided just keys and cell phone.  Soon after we started walking, Ryan called me.  I hung up with him just as Bruno and I hit an icy bridge.  Of course Bruno started tugging me, and of course my feet slipped on the ice, and of course my cellphone flew out of my hand and slid perfectly between the holes in the banister and into the stream below.

The water was flowing so rapidly, I knew there was no shot at getting my phone back.  I yelled at Bruno, I cried, and we stormed back to my car, where I yelled at him some more.  Bruno sighed, and slammed his body down, his head tucked under, and wouldn’t look at me.  I felt awful and drove him over to the dog park.  It wasn’t muddy, nobody was there, and we spent an hour chasing each other around.

Verizon refused to give me a new phone without proof of damage or without a police report, so after debating for two weeks (I actually loved living without a cell phone, because I’ve been so sick of having six new messages every time I turned it on), last night my dad and I headed down to the bridge where I dropped it.  And there was my phone, sitting in the stream, right where I left it.  My agile dad made his way over and under sticks and pricker bushes down to the side of the stream.  He found a perfectly curved stick and started trying to reach my cell phone.  Six different people stopped on the bridge to laugh at us and tell us we wouldn’t be able to do it.  My dad proved them wrong.  He’s my hero.


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