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It’s been a month

Posted by Cauri on February 12, 2007

It’s been almost a month since the last time I’ve written.  I’ve been a little busy. 

At four months old, the puppy is getting pretty big pretty quickly, gaining a pound or two a day.  He’s such a joy to be around.  He’s so playful, sweet, and loving, an amazing companion.  He’s also fairly calm, fiercely loyal, and fiercely obedient.  It amazes me how smart he is (and also makes me nervous about what’s to come in the future).  I look forward to taking him for walks now, discovering new trails, seeking solitude.  It snowed just about every night last week, at least a dusting, so it guaranteed we’d be the only ones on the trails.  We definitely took advantage of it.  My brother, Bruno, and I went for a two-hour walk, and we didn’t run into anyone else out there.  We let Bruno off the leash, and he followed right along, never straying from the path, never wandering more than 20 feet ahead or behind us.  He’s an amazing dog.  I don’t think I could deal with puppyhood in any other breed after being spoiled by this dog.  I’ve just started looking into Great Pyrenees, because they’re beautiful.  I think their personalities sound similar to Dobermans, but I don’t know how well I’d tolerate all that shedding.  I could definitely tolerate naptime in that fur though.

So my mornings have been spent with Bruno.  My afternoons have mostly been spent babysitting one main family lately.  They have one three-year-old son that I’ve been watching for 2-3 hours a week for a couple years now.  Even though I haven’t spent nearly as much time with him as I have with kids I nannied for, I’ve still developed a real bond with him.  He’s an incredibly smart and well-behaved kid and the parents are great people who’ve never, not once, not ever, bragged about him.  And I think that’s why he’s truly such a gem of a child.  And on January 31st, they gave birth to another little gem–a sweet little girl.  And now they’re moving next week.  So I’ve been spending a lot of time over there, playing with the 3-yr-old, and giving the mom a break at this point when they have so much going on.  It’s been difficult for me, and I’ve actually broken down to Ryan a couple times over the past week, because out of all the families I work with, this is one that I actually look forward to spending time with.  I love that little boy, and it’s really hard to accept that I will probably not see these people again.

And so I’ve cut way back on the other families.  I actually didn’t show up to someone’s house, for a number of reasons.  Number one being that the mom drove me crazy and would call me at 8:30 in the morning to see if i could come over within the hour and kept insisting that I should keep babysitting through next fall instead of looking for a “real job”, since “Babysitting is such good cash!”  This woman paid me $8 an hour, always for only an hour or two, and always paid with a check, and last time I lost the check and cursed the world because that was $30-worth of free babysitting for a woman I couldn’t stand anyway.

This entry just went all over the place.  That’s what happens when you haven’t written in a month.  So I guess now I’ll state that I’ve gotten so tired of the fact that every time I turn on my cell phone, every day of the week, no matter what time it is, there are 4 new messages from people asking if I can come over today, and it’s really getting on my nerves.  I don’t exactly have any time to drop everything and rush over to other people’s houses so they can get their desperately-needed time away from their kids.  And I will conclude by saying that I spend the second half of my day, from 4-11 in classes.  And that is another entry all its own.


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