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ranting and resolutions

Posted by Cauri on January 4, 2007

I think I’m just incredibly burnt out. There was only one other child in the past that I got this way with, a little demon I nannied for two summers ago. And now I’ve hit the point where, I really don’t want to show up at anyone’s house. I feel like I’m not doing this for myself at all anymore. I’m just doing it so the parents can go out and have fun and enjoy their lives. But what is the point in doing that for other people when I’m not enjoying my own life? So, once again, I’ve hit this point I’ve hit several times in my babysitting career over the last ten years. I actually considered taking a seventh class this semester so that I can graduate in May and get a “real job” in June. I threw that out again though, as it will be ok to graduate in August. But I can’t keep babysitting as much as I have been or I will never have my own children. So I’ve decided to keep my eye on some bigger goals, goals for this year, and goals for the next ten years and keep them as separate pages here on wordpress.And my most important new year’s resolutions this year are:
– To learn how to say no to people without feeling guilty.

– To make time for myself and for my own hobbies without feeling guilty.

– To make time for Ryan and for my friends.

– To lounge around on the weekends without feeling guilty.

– To accept the fact that I’m not going to have money for a couple of months because my sanity is worth it.


One Response to “ranting and resolutions”

  1. Jonathon said

    I had to comment on the kid not staying in his room. That blows. Even when it’s your own kid. I’ve scheduled some evening time to write done more than once, and — without fail — those are always the nights E refuses to go to sleep…

    Le sigh.

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