My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

We’re getting a Bruno

Posted by Cauri on December 12, 2006

Sometimes you just need a good cry, and then you can move on.  This junk in my head just escalated so much, it needed to get out.  Yesterday I cried for an hour, then slept all afternoon.  I’m feeling so much better right now.  I’m going to be fine.

I actually had a great weekend with Ryan.  My rantings on Monday never seem to show evidence of the fun & adventures I have over the weekend, but in a way I think it does.  I’m just getting tired of living these two very different lives.  I want fun and love and adventure everyday, not just on the weekends.  Mondays are always incredibly depressing when I have to drag myself out of Bayonne and back to school.  I need to live with my love.  We’ll start looking for apartments this spring. 

In other news, I’m finishing up classes left and right.  It’s been fun.  I only have one more on Thursday, and then my finals are on Monday.  Oh, and the fact that I’m getting a puppy on Saturday has sweetened the blow.  A cute, cuddly, huggly, wuggly, snuggly adorable two-month-old puppy!  He will actually be my brother’s, but I already love him so much.  He’s Bruno, our sweet adorable clumsy little Doberman Pinscher.  It’s great, because I get to cuddle and play and spoil him to death without having to be responsible for his cute chewing and pooping habits.  I didn’t think I would be this excited for my brother to get a dog, but he picked the perfect “One”.  He’d been tossing around ideas for other breeds, and I just wasn’t excited about it.  But when I saw Bruno’s picture, I just fell in love.  He’s coming home on Saturday.  I can’t wait to meet him.

And so now I’m getting extremely excited for Christmas.  Ryan’s sleeping over here, so I can’t wait to wake up on Christmas morning with all the boys in my life! 


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