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My adventures in babysitting

Posted by Cauri on December 5, 2006

Starting to lose my mind!  Next week is my last week of classes, then Monday the 18th I have four finals!  So everything leading up to the end of the semester is starting to crush me.  I’ve been babysitting literally every day, trying to save up for Christmas.  I’m mostly done shopping for Ryan, and I’m giving $200 back to my dad so that he can get something nice for my brother.  I’ve pretty much been living at Borders because of their amazing coupons and the fact that there is something there for everybody. 

Last weekend I did a little too much babysitting, and I’m still recovering.  Friday night I babysat for the old kids in Short Hills (There are now three families i watch in short hills, but these are the kids i nannied for 3 years ago).  Bri had to bring home a stuffed puppy from school for the weekend, so we had to take pictures and write everything that we did in the puppy’s journal.  Then on Saturday I got to have an overnight babysitting adventure with S&G, and S actually had to do the same thing, except with a little bear.  So we took the bear over to my house, then out for pizza, then over to (where else?) Borders.  They actually went to bed pretty easily, but G woke me up very early on Sunday because I had to look at her new bunk bed.  The same new bunk bed I’ve been tucking her into for three months now.  

It was a whole new element spending 24 hours with them.  It’s very different when you’re responsible for somebody else’s little people for such a large amount of time.  I slept in the same room as them, and every cough in the night had me envisioning trips to the emergency room and frantic phone calls to their parents.  The next morning when we all woke up, I took the fastest shower ever.  I was probably in there for a minute & a half, but G came in five times to tell me different knock-knock jokes.  When I got out of the shower, I was standing there in my towel, trying to shoo the 3-year-old out the door, waiting for her to wrap up her jokes, when she looked up at me and sweetly asked, “Do you love me, Courtney?”  “Yes, G, of course I love you!”  A huge smile stretched across her face. “I love you too!” Melted my whole heart.

I actually got to bring them to a birthday party for someone else I babysit for on Sunday, because they’re all friends.  I got to act like I was 5 years old again, and it was a blast.  But I am still wiped out from all that excitement, and it’s been hard getting my final psych experiment together, and thinking about finals just has me freaked out.  I’m just trying to stay positive by thinking about Ryan’s 25th birthday this weekend and how magical it will be =)


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