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obsessive-compulsive holiday “shopping”

Posted by Cauri on November 22, 2006

I’ve become obsessed with planning for xmas.  I’m trying to squeeze as much babysitting time as possible into the next few weeks so that i can actually buy gifts for people.  Since my parents are divorced, I always buy my dad a whole bunch of gifts because I’m the only one really being “Santa” for him.  I managed to get him two small things, but I want to get him at least one bigger thing that’s going to surprise him.  With Ryan, well, he’s done so much for me in the past year that of course I need to get him a bunch of things that are going to blow him away.  Then I have Ryan’s parents to worry about, and then the kids that I babysit for.  Now there are just so many that I’m trying to narrow down which ones I like the most, who have I known the longest, how much do I really want to spend on each one, etc.  So I’ve been making list after list, and I’m constantly calculating, and it really isn’t amounting to anything other than sending me into utter obsessive-compulsive panic.  Everyone keeps telling me not to worry, that it doesn’t really matter, but I think that pushes me even harder.  They’re not expecting much from me, and I really want to surprise them.  In the meantime I’ve been living off of random sales and I’m counting on them to continue.  But above all else, I’ve just been keeping lists in my notebook, of what I saw for the cheapest and where, and I’m doing much more list-making than actual purchasing.  I’m hoping this leads me in the right direction.

2 Responses to “obsessive-compulsive holiday “shopping””

  1. It always make me sad when I realize that I’m stressing over what to get people. I mean, the holidays should be about relationships and spending time together with those you love, not frantically running around trying to find gifts without going broke. That’s American culture for ya.

    I do have to say, however, that I think it’s incredibly sweet of you to be your Dad’s Santa, and to think about the kids you babysit. You must be a great person!

  2. Antibush said

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