My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

Just amazing!

Posted by Cauri on November 10, 2006

Yesterday I drove out to Ryan’s after class and decided to hang out for three hours in the parking lot until he got home from work (I told you, I’ve been missing him) all for the promise of sushi and love and a little extra scratching.  Now, I’ve been going through Ryan withdrawal, and when you’re experiencing Ryan withdrawal, it triggers flashbacks of all sorts– and Every place and every thing reminds you of Ryan. 

So I was sitting in my car, listening to the Radio Chick, when she announced that John O’Hurley was coming on!!  Now, first that name may mean nothing to you.  But when they mentioned that he played Peterman on Seinfeld, I was immediately reminded of the gazillions of Seinfeld DVDs I bought Ryan for xmas and his bday last year.  Then I remembered sitting in the front row of Chicago last winter, when “Peterman” danced across the stage as Billy Flynn.  He was entertaining, he was hilarious, he was talented, he was mesmerizing.  We were glued, and we laughed the entire time. 

Now, apparently, these flashbacks of mine are leading to uncontrollable actions, because before I knew it, I was explaining to some girl on the phone that Chicago was “one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen, and I can’t believe John O’Hurley’s on your show, and I have to talk to John O’Hurley!!”  She told me to turn off my radio, that she was putting me through.  I turned into a 13-year-old girl.  I was giddy, my voice was high-pitched, I was sweating, I was star struck.  Suddenly, Leslie’s voice comes back at me, “Hi, I’m the radio chick, and we’re on with Courtney.  Hi, Courtney!”  I breathe.  “Hi, guys!”  Leslie leads me, “Say Hi to John, Courtney.”  I squeak.  I giggle.  I blush.  “Hi, John.”  …I don’t remember what happened next, all I know is I went off in a string of sentences and threw the word “amazing” around a lot.  I remember stopping to tell myself to use a different word.  John froze me with a, “Thank you, Courtney.”  Then he rambled a lot, and then there was more silence.  I took it as my cue.  “Ohh, reeeeeally?”  I didn’t know my voice could go so high.  Then I did it again, “The show was just amazing, You were just amazing!”  Then the radio chick jumped back in, “Thank you, Courtney.”  Then the click. 

I took a deep breath, and turned my radio back on.  It was my voice!  “Oh reeeeallly?”  Fuck!  I forgot about that stupid delay.  Then the word “Amazing” comes.  Oh my god I sound like an idiot!  Then Leslie thanking me and hanging up, and then they all laugh a little.  (I think somebody started to do an impression.)  Leslie says, “She was just so giddy and giggly over you, John!  Do you get that a lot?”  He said, “Usually only from women ages 60-80.”  They laughed and moved on, and I sat there in the parking lot for two more hours until Ryan came home, dying to tell him my story.



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