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Tiny does not hold a pizza

Posted by Cauri on October 12, 2006

Babysitting tonight was entertaining. 

G, a 3-yr-old girl, always makes me laugh because the way she talks is just hilarious.   She seems to just pull random thoughts out of nowhere.  Tonight, the 3 of us were sitting on the floor (me, G, and S, her 5-yr-old sister), when G’s face morphs into a terrified look, and she yells, “But I can’t find Tiny!!”

Me:  Ok, relax, we’ll find Tiny.  What’s Tiny?

G:  Tiny is  beeeeeautiful present!

Me:  Ok.  What exactly does Tiny look like?

G:  Tiny is very tiny. 

Me:  Ok.  Is Tiny an animal or a person?

G:  Tiny is a baby.

Me:  Ok, what does it look like?

G:  Tiny does not have a cowgirl face, Tiny does not wear a crown, Tiny does not hold a pizza…

Me (Staring into a toybox stuffed with naked dolls of various sizes, none of which have a “cowgirl face” or a crown or a pizza anyway):  Um, what else does Tiny look like?

G locks eyes with me, and while shaking her head, madly declares, “Tiny is definitely NOT a zookeeper!”

Me:  Well, that’s a relief.  Want to just eat some popcorn and look for Tiny later?

G:  Ok, sure!


One Response to “Tiny does not hold a pizza”

  1. Kids crack me up, and especially at that age they just say whatever pops into their heads!

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