My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)


Posted by Cauri on October 6, 2006

Thank the gods this week is over.  It was just one of those weeks where I was literally running from one thing to the next, and I’m about ready to drop.  I had 3 tests this week, so that alone was enough to drain me.   I’m so happy I don’t have classes on Fridays.  I desperately needed this catch-up.  Even though I’ve still been sitting here all day, reading through science notes, it’s still nice to do work in your pajamas.

My free time lately has been with Ryan, and it’s been very date-like.  Last Friday we got some sbux, wandered through barnes & noble, and went to see Science of Sleep.  Saturday he had a poker tournament, to which I went along and got to be the happy girlfriend, and as a reward I got free drinks and calamari.  It was actually more fun than I’d expected it to be, since one of his friends got out pretty early so I had someone to talk to.  (I also got to read in my alone-time, and I finally finished The Witching Hour, which i’ve started reading a thousand times since i was 14 but never got through it.)  It was eerie in a way, because i still remained connected to ryan the whole time, and even though he was far across the room, we both looked up at each other at the same time many times throughout the afternoon. 

Sunday we were lazy…I did homework, he read…We played some Sponge Bob Monopoly…And then we went out to stop & shop and got all sorts of food for a meal, and when we came home, I did yoga while Ryan made me dinner.  We had a yummy salad (with lime juice & avocado, one of my favorite foods =) and cheesey black bean burritos, which were so amazingly delicious.  Ryan is so cute and so efficient when he’s cooking.  It sort of amazes me, since I have to take things very slowly, one step at a time, carefully following directions…While he just sort of “knows” what to add and when to add it and what will taste great combined with everything else.  So he cooked, and I cleaned, which was pretty fair. 

Wednesday night was a nice break from my usual routine of class after class followed by babysitting after babysitting.  After my psych test, I headed out to Ryan’s house at 2 in the afternoon, and it was a beautiful sun-shiney day.  It was really exciting to see the nyc skyline in the background so clearly, as i headed over the bridge and into bayonne.  One of ryan’s friends got tickets for $0.75 to see Josh Kelley, Shawn Mullins, and Gin Blossoms in Times Square.  It was actually a really amazing show, and Josh Kelley was someone I’d heard snips of on Ryan’s Syrius and already loved.  When his set was over, I got his CD, and Abe got it autographed for me, and then proceeded to take the most hilarious picture ever with Josh Kelley.  I was zoomed in way too close when I took the picture, and all you see are their huge faces, ridiculous smiles, and overwhelming blue background.  It looks very photoshopped but it very much wasn’t.  I can’t wait to get a copy of that picture.  The thought of it has kept me cracking up for the past two days. 

When we left, it was drizzling, but we only had to go 9 blocks, so I figured we’d be fine walking.  About two blocks later, we were caught in a huge down-pour, and it was so ethereal.  We were running through the rain, completely soaked to the point where it didn’t matter how many more puddles you stepped in because your clothes were already plastered to you.  Then we saw lightning illuminate the sky, followed by a streak of lightning that struck the Empire State Building, and thunder that shook us on the street way below.  We ran all the way to the train station, where we looked and felt ridiculous, but we were laughing the whole way.  We shivered the whole way home, and immediately got into snuggley sweat pants.  It was 2 a.m. and Ryan made coconut shrimp, and we sat in bed watching Scrubs, eating coconut shrimp, and still sharing stories and giggling.  Something about this whole night made me realize, I’m so lucky, I’ve fallen in love with my best friend.  I haven’t stopped smiling since.


One Response to “Ethereal”

  1. Doing work in your pjs is the best. My schedule has been (and will be until January) completely insane, so I feel your pain.

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