My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

hiking & dreams

Posted by Cauri on September 11, 2006

So I called psycho back last night and let her know that I won’t be taking her on as a client.  I have four other families I’m babysitting for this week alone, and I will be seeing most of them at least twice this week.  Which means, this week is very full and very busy, but it’s good news because i have 2 more books to buy and no money with which to buy them.  I won’t even get to see Ryan this weekend, which is almost painful, but I will be with him on Sunday, and we might finally go to the Renaissance Faire! 

Last weekend was very dreamlike.  Friday night we cuddled and read and drank wine and shared our deepest thoughts and feelings.  Saturday we woke up pretty early and hiked along the Hudson, at Palisades State Park.  The first 3 miles were pretty easy, and it felt great to be out in the sun and walking along together, but when it came time to climb up to the top of the cliffs…that was a little painful.  We hadn’t done anything like that since Maine, which was 2 months ago!  When we finally got to the top, we rested for a while, and then the last 3 miles we actually finished pretty quickly, both beaming and feeling great, and holding hands, and talking about anything & everything.  I love that connected feeling with him.  I’d really missed that.  We finished the hike by 2 (two hours earlier than we expected), so we felt great about ourselves and went home and snuggled into a long nap.  We’ve vowed to continue hiking every weekend through the fall and into the winter.  We might take a trip up to Vermont and hike for a weekend, but it really depends on my money situation, since Christmas & Ryan’s birthday are right around the corner.

Ryan’s dream lately has been to hike the Appalachian, so I guess in a way, we’ve just started finding more information about it, and sort of started the beginning stages of possibly preparing for it.  I think I could be ready in about two years.  It’s sort of crazy that it costs an insane amount of money to fend for yourself in the wilderness for 5 months.  But I think it’d be an amazing experience to share with him.  My dream has always been to backpack through Europe for a couple months.  I guess the two situations are sort of parallel.  So as long as we make it to Ireland for a little while, I’ll gladly trek through the wilderness with Ryan for a few months.  Of course certain things terrify me, like hoisting myself over rock ledges 5,000 feet in the air, while wearing a 40-pound backpack.  So I’m going to need to do a little practice before I feel completely comfortable in that area, but I do have other things going for me–I’m not terrified of mice or bears, and I could easily eat rice & beans for 3 meals a day for a few months.  So I’m reading my first book about it now, and I have an overwhelming sense of, “Yes, we can do this,” and now I’m fantasizing about the hilarious and incredible stories we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren someday.


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