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Nightmare woman

Posted by Cauri on September 8, 2006

I just posted an entry around a few communities on livejournal (which i never post to anymore), but I really needed advice about this nightmare woman I had an interview with yesterday.  Not for anything exciting, just for babysitting.  But i still needed to set up an “interview” (which i haven’t needed to do for babysitting in, literally, years.)  When I got there, she basically treated me like I wasn’t good enough to even be near her children.  She asked for 3 references, on the spot, even though she’d been recommended to use me by a fourth woman I babysit for.  She shrieked at the thought of leaving me alone with her children next week, that that was definitely way too soon!  And what if something happens to one of them, “I only have two kids!!” she exclaimed.   When she was showing me around the house, and her 3-yr-old daughter started reciting the alphabet, the mom proudly stated, “She’s always been S-M-A-R-T.”  I just looked at her, unimpressed.  She continued, “She’s known her alphabet since she was 15 months.  She knows all the numbers from 1 to 500.  See the number chart?”  She pointed to a chart on the wall.  I looked at her, expressionless.  Then she said, “I’m not sure how that compares with kids you’ve worked with…We just know how smart she is.”  Truth is, I’ve seen very smart & talented kids, whose parents don’t actually brag about them.  Any question I asked, about diet, toys, etc. was met with a brief “Well, I’ll always be here the first couple times you babysit, you don’t need to worry about that!”  She occasionally added the “That’s if your references all clear.”

I was gonna do this woman a favor and try to help her through this, but i don’t need the stress of dealing with that monster.  I decided, what’s the point of babysitting if I’m not actually babysitting?  I have so many families with kids who I absolutely adore.  So for months, I’d been avoiding these kind of set-ups, since I’d been perfectly happy with the kids I’m with now, but for whatever reason I answered the phone last week when she called and allowed myself to get suckered into meeting her.  Ryan said I should definitely get myself out of this, but if I ever want to write a story about the interesting people I’ve worked for, I could babysit for her a couple of times.

My favorite mom that I’ve been babysitting for a few years now (She has 2 girls that I’ve watched grow up) called me this morning, and I asked her if a crazy woman had called her.  Luckily, she hadn’t (I can’t imagine the kinds of questions she’ll be drilling these people about me), and I explained the whole situation to her.  She brought up the good point of, what if one of the kids falls or something, how would the woman react?  Oh, I’d probably be screamed at, because of course it’d be all my fault.  The mom I like was like, “Don’t worry, she’ll just always be a cold-hearted bitch who won’t give you a chance to show how great you are with kids.  She’s trying to treat it as a business transaction, while you always treat babysitting with your heart, like a family member.”  It was really nice, and she made me feel so much better.  She always makes me feel so much better.

I need to call back said bitch and let her know it isn’t gonna work, but again, I’m finding it hard to say No.  Will I ever be able to stop thinking about other people’s feelings?


2 Responses to “Nightmare woman”

  1. Lauren said

    You better say no!! That is one frightening woman – no wonder she’s looking for a babysitter (as I’m quite sure everyone else just stays clear). You don’t need that kind of stress, girlie…just say no!!

  2. Cauri said

    Yeah I stressed about it for a couple of days, thought about showing up and having a practice day, but Ryan kinda made realize that this isn’t exactly the kind of thing that’s worth stressing myself over. So i finally picked up the phone and told her i can’t babysit for her.

    I feel so much better!!

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