My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

Long, happy day

Posted by Cauri on August 23, 2006

I have such a long day ahead of me, but it’s filled with everything that makes me happy.  Ryan slept over last night, for the first time, EVER.  I’d never before in my lifetime been allowed to have a boy actually sleep over my house.  It was a very huge deal.  We ate sushi and went over lauren’s to play sponge bob monopoly and then we came home and played a little marioparty, but we were both exhausted and sound asleep by 11.  This morning I cooked him a fancy breakfast, of runny oatmeal and a granola bar and coffee without sweetener.

When he left, I missed him, but I got to spend 3 hours on my butt in front of the computer playing monopoly on  I am beyond addicted.  I played catch-up on phone calls and spent some time talking to the sbux manager in Florham Park, figuring out exactly what’s expected of me in various upcoming volunteer activities that my boss kindly signed me up for, and I’ll continue to fulfill those responsibilities through the rest of September, even though next Friday is my last day as an sbux employee.  Anything related to kids will be fun for me anyway.

I had my first class at the battered women’s shelter last Monday, and it really shook me up, and I had such a pit in my stomach the entire time…I’m kind of surprised I didn’t throw up, but I’m really focusing on that…praising myself for not throwing up, telling myself that this will make me stronger, and if I focus on what I agreed to do:  Play with the kids…It should make me a better person.

Now I’m off to go shopping with Marianne, before i go babysit this afternoon.  Then I have a pizza party at sbux, because after being open for 9 months, we finally made our budget last week!  We actually made a profit of a whopping $26!!  So, that’s huge news, and that warrants a pizza party, and I am so there.  Then I’m going to some bar somewhere with good beer and karaoke with some girls from work, and although I won’t be singing anything, I will surely be drunk and laughing and pointing and a lot of fun to be with =)


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