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Growing balls

Posted by Cauri on August 18, 2006

Ugh, my boss.  The same boss who’s been driving me mad for the past two months, and who’s been scowling under his breath every which way he turns…The same boss I’ve been avoiding every time we’re scheduled to work together because I don’t want to become the next target for any of his anger…The same boss who has me working until 12:30a.m. tonight and back at 6a.m. tomorrow morning…The same boss who I purposely took off this Mon-Wed to avoid dealing with, The same boss for whom I took the measure of fleeing to Philly to spend time with my dad and then wound up running into my freakin boss on the sidestreet next to the Liberty Bell because I have the worst luck in the world….

The same boss who just left me a message, in a harsh tone, simply stating, “Courtney.  Call.  Me.  Back.  At.  The.  Store.”

must have just found my resignation letter, and now I’m freaking out because I have to be at work in 18 minutes!!

Oh, this is part of growing up.  Growing balls.


One Response to “Growing balls”

  1. Mema said

    Haha…work sux. Been there, done that and then some.
    Keep your head up. It does get easier but growing balls is a lot more “work” (pardon the pun) than you may expect.
    Top tips?
    1) When Boss is overly critical just look him/her in the eye and say, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”
    2) DO NOT OVERAPOLOGIZE. If you screw up? F**k it.
    3) Don’t overanalyze the Boss. Crap runs downhill, so the Boss is probably miserable and takes it out on you. Sometimes though, the Boss is just a jerk and you can’t help that. So…no worries.

    Part of getting “balls” is dealing with the situation. Don’t let any yelling, screaming, tantrum get to you. It is often harder to do than say, but when in doubt, just imagine your paycheck. The longer the hours, the better it’ll be. Then in a few tears time, people may be calling you the Boss. That, or you’ll be so outta there the minute something better comes along. Until then, sit tight and imagine that money coming in…mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money. See?! It’s like a mantra…

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