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the swing of things

Posted by Cauri on August 15, 2006

I was in a slump for a while.  Just trying to figure things….What classes to take, which days, when will i work, when will i babysit, when will i see my friends, when will i see ryan, should i quit my job, will i have money, will it be okay if i’m broke for a few months, blahblahblah….My head wouldn’t shut up. 

I still haven’t quit my job, because i’m a chicken.  I wanted to be able to give 3 weeks notice.  Now it looks like I’ll be giving two.  And i’m fine with that, because i’m tired of working until 12:30a.m. one night and opening at 5:30 the next morning.  I’m worn out, grumpy, exhausted, boring, and just no fun anymore.  I sleep whenever i get the chance throughout the day.  I’m tired of that lifestyle…I’ve outgrown this job. 

Last weekend i finally started to say goodbye to my sleepiness, even though I still opened friday morning, and still worked 9 hours saturday.  Friday night i went to the bar with ryan and his best friend, and saturday night the three of us headed down to the point pleasant boardwalk.  We had a great time, drinking, playing mini golf, and playing games until 2a.m.  I got extra special treatment and Ryan won me all sorts of animals!  I walked away with my arms full…I had a monkey, a frog, a turtle, a rubber ducky, a chicken keychain, and star stickers and a basketball eraser from Wuss.  It was a great time =)

Lauren came over last night, and it was SO nice just playing games and talking with her, connecting over our relationships…It’s really nice to have someone I can trust and can relate to on all levels like that…I tend to be keep my relationship details sort of private because i’ve found that people are often quick to get jealous, to pass judgment…But it was really nice being able to be open and honest with the best friend I’ve had for so many years…

And now it’s back into the swing of things…i finalized my schedule for this fall…Classes mon-thurs, from 8:30-2…and i’ll babysit nights and i will be happier and i will be stress-free, and someday i will graduate and life will be wonderful =)


2 Responses to “the swing of things”

  1. Lauren said

    Have a good time in Philly, girlie. I hope you’re not hungover…because I certainly am x.x

  2. Cauri said

    hehe sorry you got hungover girlie!! I was fine =)

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