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butterflies, fireworks, and clocks in hot dog form

Posted by Cauri on July 3, 2006

This weekend was incredible, and as usual, since it’s monday, i’m missing ryan terribly and wishing the weekend never had to end.  Saturday we completed the longest hike yet–7.5 miles at Allamuchy Mountain State Park.  We were out the door by 8, on the trail by 9, and even though it was warm and the uphills were a little exhausting, over-all it was a very enjoyable, rewarding hike.  There were some moments of absolute calm.  There was one rough climb, about 1/4 of the way through, where it was rough getting to the top, but when we finally did, we were overwhelmed with the vibrant green of the ferns in the forest.  And peaking through the trees in the distance, downhill, you could see water.  We rested there for a few minutes, and we were both experiencing an overwhelming calm, to the point where, as Ryan put it, a bear could cross the path in front of us and we wouldn’t think anything of it.  

It started getting exhausting toward the end, since the hike ended at about 7 miles, and we had a 0.5 mile trek back to the car.  Our legs were getting tired at that point since, we knew we were done…we just weren’t yet.  We stopped by some flowers where Ryan noticed a few butterflies–which turned into noticing many, many more butterflies of all sorts of varieties.  I’d never seen so many butterflies, and they fluttered around us, checking us out, and some landed on us.  It was all sort of magical, and neither of us had experienced anything like that before.  A few followed us for a while, but eventually they dwindled off, and we still had a long walk back to the car.  That became somewhat grueling, but when we finally made it back to the car, we decided to reward ourselves with diner food and Starbucks.  Then we headed back to ryan’s comfy bed and took a snuggley nap =)  We woke up and headed out to watch the bayonne fireworks, and it was so beautiful.  We had a perfect spot.  We held each other, and everybody else sort of melted away.  The finale was really spectacular, and it was the perfect end to a perfect day. 

Sunday was a little bit lazier…It began with ryan’s mom making my favorite coffee and bringing me breakfast in bed =)  We did a little shopping, ate a nice barbecue dinner with ryan’s parents, and then headed out to the bar with Wuss (ryan’s best friend).  Wuss just got his own apartment and decided to devote one room to displaying an assortment of clocks and mirrors.  I thought that sounded nifty, so on sunday, i gave Wuss his very first clock—A hot dog clock =)  I hope, many years from now, when he has hundreds of clocks, his hot dog clock is still displayed proudly. 

And now i’m back home, adjusting again to the week ahead of me.  It’s definitely a busy one, between work, and packing and preparing for Maine, for which we are leaving at 4am Saturday morning!!!  =)

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