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i can’t wait to live and breathe you

Posted by Cauri on June 19, 2006

Work's alright again.  I've been very positive and friendly and funny with everyone lately, no matter who i'm stuck working with, and so far it seems to be working.  Especially since we have a lot of new people, and why not at least mold them into interesting and funny people…I don't wanna be stuck with grumpy people all summer.  So it's been fun lately…Today i felt kinda sick and the day reeeally dragged (but what monday doesn't, when you wake up at 4:30?)

I love the kids i'm babysitting lately too.  There are really only 2 families now that i regularly babysit for (weekly), and there's a third family that i babysit once or twice a month.  The rest…i stopped calling back.  There's no need to pick up any new families, or work with kids i don't enjoy.  Even though i'm still getting calls from new people at least once or twice a week.  If anybody ever wants to babysit in the state of new jersey, i have a very long list of very needy parents who you can gladly pick up some hours for. 

Ryan and I are getting things together for Maine now, and I've never ever ever been this excited for a vacation before.  We will be spending eight entire days together in an apartment in the middle of the woods on the coast of Maine.  It is bound to be an absolutely amazing experience.  I can't wait to live and breathe each other for eight full days.  Eight full days where i can almost guarantee i won't get cellphone service, and where i shouldn't use the internet.  That means eight full days of nobody calling me to cover their shift at work, no annoying sudden babysitting jobs, no angry mother leaving me messages…Nobody will be able to reach me except ryan.  I just want to be completely immersed in nature and ryan.  We'll cook most of our meals, and we'll be out exploring the island during the day.  We'll watch sunrises and starry skies.  We'll search for puffins, whales, and moose.  I'll wake up everyday in ryan's arms and snuggle him to sleep every night.  I absolutely cannot wait.  It's going to be incredible.

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