My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

passion for the planet

Posted by Cauri on May 29, 2006

My relationship with ryan has been so incredible lately.  We went hiking out by the delaware water gap today…and our hike got off to a really rocky start (really strenuous, incredibly hot, incredibly cranky), so we ended up getting back in the car and taking a break with some food and air conditioning.  We drove around for a little while and found another area to park in.  From there we wandered alongside a stream and we found a couple waterfalls.  We walked for a while and just kept finding more gorgeous landscapes.  It was exactly what we needed–to be able to relax and wander and take it all in.  And all i keep thinking about is how a year ago, i never thought i could have this with him.  I never realized how much he really cares about the environment, and how important it is for him to connect with nature.  I've noticed how much more conscientious he's been lately with saving energy, and even if he's out at a bar, he gets annoyed if the sink is dripping or something like that, that other people just let slide.  He's also becoming more aware of buying organic products, biodegradable products, and things that aren't tested on animals.  And i absolutely love this about him–how passionate he is, and how enthusiastic he is about making a difference–about really doing something with his life, and really aiming to try to change the way people treat this planet. 

His passion and enthusiasm has only made me more attached to him.  I dread being apart from him…I'm living for these experiences…of being showered in his optimism and excitement for life.  And lately I've been having all kinds of fantasies about what our future house will be like…the kinds of gadgets we'll have and the environment we'll create that'll treat our planet with love and respect.  This is bringing us so close together…as we're learning together how to make a positive impact everywhere we go.


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