My Only Way Out

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Yay, loving my job

Posted by Cauri on May 24, 2006

Just wanted to say how much i love my job!!  Today was my first day in control of the shift, and it was soo great =)  Everybody was so nice & really excited for me, and on everyone's little deposit bags they left me all sorts of "Good luck Courtney!" notes.  It was a very pleasant surprise during an otherwise jittery first-time experience.  It was very cute having everyone ask me what needed to be done and when they could take their breaks.  When we were slow this afternoon, i directed them in a super fun side project–Cleaning out the ice machine in the backroom.  (Which made me very happy to do…and sort of nervous about drinking ice drinks from ANY other store, since that thing only has to be cleaned twice a year…and i really wonder how many people do it.  It's only been 5 months since we opened and um, it needed to be cleaned.)  And we're starting a second storytime soon, so that's exciting.  Plus, now i'm thinking about doing a monthly bedtime story hour…with milk & cookies…and also maybe a family game night…since i need a reason to play scrabble & taboo with my partners.


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