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lots of little trips

Posted by Cauri on May 22, 2006

I woke up for work around 4:30 this morning, after having the strangest dream about this green dinosaur with yellow stripes, who was my best friend.  We lived in a treehouse together, and every morning we'd wake up and we'd slide down a giant slide, with me on his tummy.  It ended sadly though because i showed up at work with my dinosaur friend but nobody believed he was friendly, so they wouldn't let him inside. 

In real life work, my boss finally saw the devil side of this mean backstabbing woman i work with, and today i got to watch her clear out her locker, which really made me very happy on the inside.  She wasn't actually fired, just written up and kind of put on a trial sort of thing…and since she cleaned out her locker, i'm sort of anticipating never seeing her again.  I wish I didn't miss her huge blow-up on saturday, but apparently it involved her giving a bunch of motorcycle guys free drinks in front of my boss, and then throwing money at my boss screaming "This is all you care about!!!"  Uh, yeah, when our store still isn't making budget, you can't just give free drinks away to strangers.  And, um, in general, it's not a good idea to scream at your manager.

My promotion is finally kicking in.  I have 4 practice shifts this week, and then i'll check in with my manager this saturday to see how everything went, and hopefully i'll be a shift in june.  I will also start a second weekly storytime, since Thursday mornings have been so successful. 

I babysat the short hills kids this weekend, and it was a lot of fun playing with them again.  I'll be doing an overnight there the last weekend in June, which just happens to be their birthdays, so i'm trying to think of somewhere fun to bring them.  The last 3 years we've done Chuck E Cheese (when they were little, 4 & 2), then Land of make believe, then last year we did the point pleasant boardwalk (aquarium, rides & beach)…This year they'll be 5 & 7, but now i also have to bring kristen along (who's 1) so that makes things a little more difficult.  We could do the bronx zoo, or the land of make believe again…I think i'm gonna drag ryan along just so i have someone else's eyes…and then he can at least stand by the stroller with kristen everytime i end up running after the boys…We could just go to a fun park or something…I dunno…Any suggestions?  Anyone remember a fun place they loved going to when they were younger?  Distance doesn't really matter since i'm driving someone else's car and i like when everybody falls asleep in the car on the way home so i get a little peace and quiet…

And the 2nd week in july, me and ryan will be heading up to maine, and that'll be our first actual week-long vacation together…I already can't wait to get away…We've already excitedly started planning it, and i think it'll be a great break right in the middle of summer =)


One Response to “lots of little trips”

  1. Lauren said

    Maine is gorgeous – sooo many lovely mountain trails and wild blueberries 😛 Have fun up there!

    Ooh and we get to hang out tonight! Yay!

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