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i really am this lucky

Posted by Cauri on May 17, 2006

wow, where to start?  Well, I'm happy.  Very happy.  I'm being promoted at work, my opinions/suggestions/ideas are valued and being considered…I'm developing great relationships with my fellow partners and customers…I'm head over heels in love with my boyfriend, I have a car that works, Oh, and I finished the semester with A's in my classes =)

Last night i made my family a wonderful vegan dinner =)  Except, i learned not to mention the words 'vegan' or 'soymilk' until after they finished their meals because ryan was happily enjoying his cream of asparagus soup until i mentioned that the 'cream' was a product of soy.  My brother devoured his though, so obviously there was nothing wrong with eating a creamy bowl of soup that is actually good for you.  I aslo sauteed a whole bunch of stuff (zucchini, peppers, tomato, onions, mushrooms, chickpeas and lots and lots of garlic =)  That was very good.  I was hoping to have leftovers to bring into work for lunch and to pass around, but my dad and brother finished the last of it.  It made me very happy to be able to make something healthy that all the guys in my life would actually eat.  (So thank you Lauren for the wonderful encouragement!!  =)

I was having huge issues with lots of negativity at work.  I'd been dreading hanging out at work because there'd been so much tension and negativity and backstabbing.  I'd cringe on certain days if i had to work with certain people.  I finally had a long talk with my boss today about it all, and i was finally able to leave feeling like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I went back tonight to set up for storytime tomorrow (We're having a pretend birthday party for everybody =) and i ended up sitting at the bar for almost 2 hours, just talking with everyone who was working.  It's really nice bonding with them to this extent.  It's kind of amazing how we're coming from such different places, but we're all such similar (environmentally-friendly) people. 

My friend Amy at work bought me an adorable rubber duck that squeaks like no other rubber duck i've ever heard. It was love at first squeak.   I think it's going to be Amy, the new storytime ducky.   My favorite little boy that i babysit (N) came in today to visit me and i let him play with the duck, and it was so cute hearing the squeaks from across the room.  He had a little banana frappuccino sample and a cookie.  Amy, the girl, thought N was the cutest sweetest thing ever, and every comment he made to her had her gushing.  As he was leaving, after his, "Thank you, Amy, thank you Courtney," he took off jogging through the store calling "See you guys later!!"  He had the hugest grin on his face the whole time he was in there, it was adorable. 

Then i went over N's house this afternoon as an emergency babysitter (the other girl suddenly couldn't make it), and i had SO much fun with him.  I'm getting so attached to that little guy.  He's incredibly smart and the sweetest and most well-behaved kid.  If you tell him not to do something, he actually stops.  And he always amazes me with the things he says.  He thinks i'm the funniest person on the planet…he laughs at everything i say and copies everything i do, and so many times this afternoon he climbed into my lap and hugged me with a great sighing "ohh Courtney".   I've been able to relax and enjoy babysitting more lately, and that's definitely keeping me sane.

And my boyfriend…God i'm so lucky.  Our hikes lately have been incredibly spiritual and have brought us so close together.  Last weekend was a little more nightmarish, with a lot of very high-up rockclimbing since the path was torn up halfway down the mountain, buuut, it was great exercise and great bonding.  And we won't be going back there =)   Ooh but we did see Chris Rock eating pizza with his 2 little girls!  As if pizza needed a reason to be more exciting… But sunday was just like a dream…We had a beautiful but strenuous hike, and then a great huge dinner and lots of sangria, and i was so happy…When it came time to go home i actually burst into tears, because i just wanted to stay cuddled in his arms for the rest of the night.  He's so wonderful to me.  I never thought I would find a perfect guy or be in a perfectly unconditionally loving realtionship like this.  Sometimes i have to stop and remind myself that this is real, that i really am this lucky.

So, things in all areas of my life are pretty perfect right now…It's a nice start to the summer =)

One Response to “i really am this lucky”

  1. Lauren said

    I’m glad the book is coming in handy for you, girlie, and that things are so wonderful right now! Btw, we need to hang out again before I start work and whenever you’re not too busy 🙂

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