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No more sleeps =)

Posted by Cauri on April 27, 2006

what a day i have ahead of me.  I'm doing laundry and racing around now to get everything packed for the weekend.  I keep telling myself it's only a weekend, and i'll be back at ryan's either sunday or monday anyway, so if i really forget something, chances are, i can use his or do laundry.  I'm just so anxious.  I'm so excited that bright & early tomorrow morning we'll be driving outta here, but i just feel like it's never gonna get here.  I have this class in parsippany today at the corporate office for sbux, and i'm just nervous about it and i don't know why.  It's a really long class, and i'm kind of stressing about the class i have it after it tonight in montclair, so maybe that's why.  Ryan's picking me up in parsippany and bringing me to montclair, and then picking me up after class tonight, so at least that's all straightened out….me not having a car & everything.  I need to get away.  This past week has just been insane, and it's like there'll never be an end to the things I'm stressing out about…Every time i get over one hurdle, there's another thing i have to tackle before i'm in the clear.  It's been an entire week of non-stop stresses, and I cannot wait to get out of here.  On Sunday night, Ryan started telling me, "Ok, after tonight, it's only 3 more Sleeps until you're back here sleeping with me." I've been reminding myself that every day, but the days aren't going by fast enough.  Last night, after my presentation was done, and I finally had a moment to relax, Ryan texted me, "Only ONE MORE SLEEP!"  I broke out in the biggest smile…Sometimes i can't believe how adorably sweet he is.  I cannot wait to be in his arms tonight and then heading away in his car tomorrow morning.  I love that feeling–when you're in the car driving to a place you've never been before, with your love at your side.  I'm even just looking forward to the drive with him…i know it'll be fun, all the things we'll see & experience along the way.  I'm sure there'll be lots of stories.    

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