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nothing but love

Posted by Cauri on April 23, 2006

I had a wonderful birthday weekend =)   Friday I spent most of my bday at the library researching feminism in the 15th century.  Then I borrowed my brother's truck (since my car's still broken) and drove up to boonton with amy to help clean up some lady's yard.  I could only help for a little over an hour because i was meeting ryan for my special dinner, but then the truck wouldn't start.  So that was a major irritation but it was resolved quickly enough.  Ryan came over around 5:15, and he brought me an adorable love-filled card and a beautiful cyclamen plant that i named Molly.  We went out for sushi and it was an amazing amazing amazing dinner.  I'm craving it again now. 

We headed to redwoods for dessert, but there wasn't a single parking space free.  We stayed in the area for a little while…bought a bottle of wine, but redwoods was still a madhouse, so we headed back to bayonne.  The wine was wonderful and i ended up very happy very quickly, and um, i don't even remember what kind of wine we drank.  Buuut ryan treated me like a princess and I can't imagine a better way to spend a birthday. 

Saturday i had to work from 12-5, so ryan drove me out there, and he was soo adorable.  He went to target to buy supplies for our vacation…all sorts of snacks & water & travel size everything.  Then he went to the bookstore, and he came back to my store and was just reading in the cozy chairs for about 2 hours.  He looked sooo cute over there.  And it was just so adorable how excited he was for our vacation.  Ooh and he brought me soup for lunch =)   Then for dinner we ended up just staying at some place in bayonne which was way too expensive for the food we didn't even like.  It made me miss my sushi dinner from the night before.  Then…i don't remember what we did…Oh, just went home and watched seinfeld till we fell asleep.

And today we did a little more shopping for vacation…Ryan bought me a backpack and a compass and i got to pick out some more snacks….And then the rain cleared up and it ended up being a beautiful day, so we walked around liberty state park for a little while.  It was so beautiful and ryan's really lucky to have grown up so close to there…I feel so lucky to have grown up in new jersey…We're so close to everything.  I got a little homesick at dinnertime because we just ate at ryan's house but i never know what to eat and i got frustrated and i just wanted to be home where i could just make whatever i felt like.  I ended up eating a cheese sandwich and then ryan's mom made me some broccoli and mashed potatoes, which were really good…but sometimes i just wish ryan had his own place so i could just make whatever i'm in the mood for, without being in someone else's way or using up someone else's groceries.  We cuddled and scratched a little, but he brought me home around 8, and now I'm sitting here with Molly and i'm missing him like crazy.  This week's going to be insanely stressful for me, and i cannot wait until friday, when we'll be sitting on our balcony in chincoteague, watching the sunset, drinking wine, and having an entire weekend of nothing but love =)


One Response to “nothing but love”

  1. Joseph said

    Can I ask about your findings on feminism in the 15th century? Did it exist? Did the Church (and the Malleus Maleficarum) quash it?

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