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happy days

Posted by Cauri on April 19, 2006

Last evening turned into a little bit of a rough night.  My car broke down on the way to the library for storytime books, but i did manage to get it started again and drive back home.  Then I ripped the bowtie off of one of my new duckies.  It was very sad.  But my dad came home soon after and i borrowed his car for school.  Now i'm kinda stuck in the house all day, which is ok, because i have so much studying to get done…Between my huge training book for starbucks and finals being 3 weeks away, it's insane how much work i have. 

Luckily, this friday is my birthday and i'm starting to get that excited feeling.  It's not even that i want anything special this year or anything, it's just that I love that feeling that it's your special day.  Nobody's ever mean to you, nothing can ever go wrong on your birthday.  Friday night i'm going out to dinner with my dad & brother & ryan…for…Sushi =)   Then saturday i want to go into the city and just do random fun things….even though i'm working from 12-5, which is the most annoying time to be scheduled to work.  And then sunday i have to pick a special pretty place to go hiking.  And then next week might be kind of rough with classes coming to a close.  Thursday I have a training class with starbucks at the corporate office from 10-5, so i'm kind of nervous about that since i don't really know what to expect.  Then I have class in montclair from 8-10, but then I will be heading out to ryan's, and very early Friday morning we will be heading down to Chincoteague!  And that is what I'm getting very excited about.  I cannot wait for our romantic weekend.  Out anniversary couldn't fall at a more perfect time. 


One Response to “happy days”

  1. Have fun on your birthday. Once you get over 21, the years just fly by. I can’t believe that I am already 41, where did the time go. I have to say I loved turning 40, I felt like I was ready for life. I had just bought my own sailing boat, and felt really good about life.

    I had a perfect day last sunday. It was raining and cold ouside. All I wanted to do was lie on my bed with a good book, and guess what???

    All four of my cats joined me. I was in cat heaven. We all shared this special time, and we all had this silent understanding, that life in its more quite times can be shared without words, but mean so much.

    I was honoured to be part of the group, and to share what they consider their bed. hehehe.

    Anyway, If I don’t post before your birthday, have a dreat one. And have a drink for me.

    Your Aussie friend


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