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incredible weekend

Posted by Cauri on April 17, 2006

I just got home from one of the best weekends of my life.  Friday night i got all prettied up and Ryan came and picked me up and we had a real date.  That was kinda exciting because we never really do that anymore, and i spend a lot of time in sweats or duck pj's.  We went out for sushi, and it was the best sushi dinner I've ever had.  Then we went to see ice age =)  And then he came over and we cuddled for a while, but he left around 10:30 because i had to open at work on saturday.  So then sat i worked till 12:30, and ryan came for the last half hour.  Then we went shopping for new hiking shoes, and we grabbed some lunch, and then we went back to the same hill that i went to the other day with amy & christy.  It was a rough walk up to the top, but it was a beautiful day so once we got to the top it was so worth it.  After that we went back to ryan's to shower & change, and then we headed to his friend's barbecue.  The majority of the people were people we didn't know (and would probably never talk to), but all of his best friends were there, so they started playing poker, and that made me more comfortable.  I spent the next 5 hours sitting at the poker table drinking beer and relaxing.  Of course that got really boring after about an hour…but…i was a trooper.  I kept smelling the hot dogs and that was making me get really hungry after a while, but i did finally get some pizza around midnight. 

Sunday we woke up around 11:30….waaaay later than planned.  We kind of hurriedly got ready to go hiking, and we got to jockey hollow at 2.  We did a little bit of every trail…We basically hiked the majority of the park…There was one area we kind of ended up skipping over near the end because we were getting deeper into the woods and we hadn't seen a person in a very long time and we kept coming across bear tracks.  If I'd seen one i probably could've brushed it off as nothing, but we saw a bunch and they were all going the same way as us, right along the path, so i just started getting nervous.  We were trying to make a lot of noise but when we came across the tracks again i made ryan turn around, so we went back to the road that runs through the middle of the park and we picked up another trail that ran closer to that road.  By the end my legs were killing me…and every time a bee came near me, i'd start running..and that seemed to only happen uphill.  But, overall it was great…We had another absolutely gorgeous day, and this is a really fun hobby we're sharing together. 

Then we went home, showered, and put on clean jammies and then had Thai delivered.  We lounged around, watched tv, and passed out a little before midnight.  Ryan brought me back home today on his way to work.  This was such an incredible bonding weekend…I'm sad that it's over.


2 Responses to “incredible weekend”

  1. Leigh said

    I always get intrigued when you talk about your fantastic food experiences. Where did you get the best sushi of your life? and where is there Thai food near us? Maybe I just don’t pay attention when I’m out.

  2. cauri said can make ya so happy =) Usually when im talking about our amazing dining experiences, it’s out by ryan’s house…so the nyc/bayone/jersey city area. But the sushi place was in Randolph! i think it’s a new place right on 10 east past the diner. It was amazing! If you like sushi and if you EVER need someone to go with, omg bring me!! I basically get at least one craving a day. Oh and also there is a Thai place in randolph that i havent tried yet, in the same general area but like behind the a&p on 10 west and my brother said it’s good. So…try them sometime too!

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