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i don’t need your miracle child on my blanket

Posted by Cauri on April 14, 2006

Ugh, it’s gray outside and i don’t feel like moving. I didn’t have work this morning, so it’s really nice to be lazy =) I think I’m supposed to be babysitting for the NOW meeting at 1, but since it is a holiday for some people, I’m not sure if that’ll still be on. I really hope it is, because i desperately need the money, and i miss the kids. I haven’t seen soph & grace since sophie’s bday.

Yesterday at work I got kind of flustered. I didn’t have any of my regular kids at storytime this week, it was a whole crowd of new faces. But this woman that i trained with back in the denville store (who still works at the denville store) came in with her precious little baby who she “tried so hard to have” and we’ve all heard one too many way-too-personal stories about her breastfeeding and her ovulation…But anyway, she brought the 10-month-old into storytime yesterday and dropped him at my blanket, and then wandered around the store to just hang out and catch up with other partners. They don’t pay me enough at storytime to babysit, so I don’t. So he was eating paper and he was crawling around and He wasn’t my responsibility. I was reading with the 3-yr-olds and being goofy and making everyone laugh and doing what I do every week. The snooty mom kept getting frustrated with me and at the end of storytime, none of the other kids really wanted to go yet, they all loved the stories. We read a story about a purple feather and at the end it soars through the air and lands at your feet, so I handed out giant purple feathers to all the kids (except the babies). I had moms asking me for authors and story recommendations and kids telling me what they want to hear next week. As they were leaving, Snooty mom came back over and in front of everyone said, “We should teach Courtney some songs and rhymes so she can keep the kids’ attention!” I was mortified. I was like, “No, it’s ok, I’ve really been picking out funny stories for children about 3 years old.” Two moms with 3-yr-old kids defended me saying how perfect the stories were and how their children were glued there, they really loved it. Then one mom of toddlers even said that most storytimes are for at least 3 & up. Then I explained that I have had babies as young as 4 months there, that it’s great for them developmentally, but they should be sitting in their moms laps, having their moms explain to them what we’re seeing too. She gave me such attitude, but even the friends that she brought in proudly announced that they’ll be back next week. So over-all it was a good storytime, but i can’t stand moms who don’t really know how to be moms. Well, i can’t really stand anyone who gives me attitude in general.


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  1. heyy..u dropped me a comment in my blog. Just dropping by to say HI! 😀

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