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lucky ducky

Posted by Cauri on April 13, 2006

Now that it's finally so warm and beautiful out, I've been out as much as possible.  Sunday I went hiking with ryan, Monday i went for a run by myself, Tuesday i had another walk through a park with Ryan, yesterday i had a walk with marianne (Who's back home now!!) and today i'm walking through some park in denville with amy & christy from work.  It's so easy to want to be active when it's gorgeous outside.  Sooo glad winter's just about over.

It was really nice seeing marianne yesterday.  It was weird to actually see florida plates on her car…I think I liked to pretend that she really wasn't that far away.  We talked a lot…trying to fill each other in on everything that's been going on in each other's lives.  I think the one thing that struck me the most, was just thinking about how she lived with her boyfriend for six months, and now she's back home in her parents' house.  I mean, their relationship hasn't changed, they're still in love with each other, but I just can't imagine being out and living with Ryan, and then all of a sudden being back in my dad's house.  That would kill me.  I think Ryan would get a lot of crying phone calls.  I have a hard enough time adjusting after just spending the weekend at his house. 

We've actually been spending a lot more time together recently.  It kind of amazes me– this level of commitment we have to each other.  We live and breathe each other.  Mentally, it's practically a marriage.  By that i mean, we both feel complete, we're whole in each other's presence.  There isn't a second in the day where I'm not bursting with love with him.  He supports me through everything I do, constantly sending loving txts just to make me smile.  We joke around and make each other happy all day long, everyday.  I just love being with him– going places, trying new things…Even just grocery shopping, I love having him at my side.  I love that we can have so much fun in any mundane situation– that we're still making each other laugh.   On tuesday, when he came by for our walk, and i hadn't seen him since sunday, I was so overwhelmed with love for him, even after a day of not seeing him.  When he walked in the door, it just struck me how absolutely adorable he is, how elated i was just to be with him, how perfect everything is, how lucky I am.

And I just love that he gets me.  That he understands me inside and out.  That, not only does he put up with my quirks.. He adores me for them.

I'm incredibly lucky, and I'm realizing this more and more everyday.  We'll be going to Chincoteague, VA for our anniversary, and I'm so excited.  I cannot wait to have an entire isolated weekend of ryan =)      


2 Responses to “lucky ducky”

  1. He sounds like a keeper Cuari…I have been with my husband now for 25 years.

    We have been together more than half of my life…. how’s that???

    Have a nice weekend


  2. Lauren said


    My family went there when I was really little and I desperately want to go back and see Pony Penning. We have all these pictures of us walking up to the horses and petting them 🙂

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