My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

special treats =)

Posted by Cauri on April 6, 2006

Today was such a fun day at work.  Storytime was awesome.  I love watching the kids come running excitedly through the door and diving onto the storytime blanket.  It's great.  They're all such adorable, funny little kids, and they all know to sit calmly on the blanket now, and it's a really fun hour that i look forward to every week.  We have a new frappuccino (Blackberry green tea =)  that i'm incredibly excited about, so i gave everybody a little sample cup of it and they all slurped it down and told me how much they loved their special treats today =) 

Then it was just me and Amy on the floor all afternoon, and we have so much fun.  I made special treats for every customer that came through the door, and even though not everyone loved the drinks as much as i do, they still seemed happy and excited just because i was happy and excited.  Except for one nasty mean man who demanded, from the back of the line, a latte as soon as i "got the chance".  And then he was nasty to Amy also.  We gave him decaf.  I hope his special treat makes his head hurt.


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