My Only Way Out

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little devils

Posted by Cauri on April 5, 2006

Work today was kinda fun…We're sort of back in a positive place (trying to put an end to/just ignore the girlie drama bullshit).  I had my review with my boss today and i'm getting a raise of $2.25 an hour, which is pretty nice since i haven't even been there 6 months yet.  It's sort of exciting watching my friends move on up too, and seeing how quickly you can move up in this company, which is great, especially since i still have another year of school.  (but only 10 more classes =) 

Then I met ryan for lunch, and i got really annoyed really quickly by the parents at the table behind us who let their kids run all over the restaurant.  Nothing frustrates me more than that.  Try having some damn control over your kids.  It's so inconsiderate and so rude…and i hate how people think that their kids are the cutest little angels on the planet, when they're being destructive, inconsiderate little brats.  I don't understand how they can't be embarassed by their children acting that way.  When i was nannying, if the kids ever even thought about acting up, they'd look at me and realize it was a huge mistake.  Or we'd leave.  And something as simple as getting pizza at the pizza place, as soon as they start getting antsy and are ready to get out of their seats, we get outta there.  And that's just being smart and considerate and understanding that kids aren't really designed to hang out in a restaurant all day.

It made me think about when i did start nannying, with brian & michael 3 years ago.  They were monsters when i first started.  I thought about walking out everyday for the first month.  They had absolutely NO discipline whatsoever.  And i came down very hard on them.  I remember going easier on them on fridays just because they weren't used to having any rules or guidelines, at all, and they were stuck with me for 65 hrs a week.  Michael would scream how much he hated me everyday for at least the first 2 weeks.  And they whined and they whined and they whined.  It's kind of funny to think about those days, because now, even though i only see them once every couple months, the second that brian starts whining for something (usually candy), all i have to say, is "hey, brian, what are you doing?"  And he says, "whining."  "Why?"  "Because i want candy."  "And what did i say?"  "I can't have any right now."  "Ok, i just wanted to make sure you heard me."  And it's over and we move onto something else.  It used to amaze me then (and of course still amazes me now) that they listened and respected me when i was 19 years old, and their own mother, (who's in her 40's) would be handing them popsicles at 9:00 at night, after their pj's were on and they already brushed their teeth because she couldn't deal with their whining anymore.  I don't understand how parents don't realize that it will stop if you stop caving.  Ugh.  Ok, that's the end of that rant.  Those crazy kids that ruined my lunchtime just brought back all sorts of flashbacks, and it just angers me to no end that parents won't step in and take any responsibility for their children's poor behavior.  I'd be absolutely mortified if a kid i was responsible for acted that way in public.


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