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babysitting woes

Posted by Cauri on March 27, 2006

Been so busy…What a weekend…Friday, I did a lot of babysitting and then went out to ryan’s for snuggly sleep. It’d been a rough week, and i was missing him like crazy, and i really just needed that comfort–of being able to snuggle into him and feel absolutely safe and loved. Saturday i had sbux, and i’m starting to get really annoyed with one other partner, because she’s very hot-headed and her negativity is really starting to affect me. She’s so rude to customers, she makes drinks incorrectly, and when you try to jump in and help, or explain to her how many shots or pumps of syrup are supposed to go in a drink, she bites your head off. It just gets annoying, and i’m tired of being complained at by unhappy customers who deserve to just have their drink made right the first time.

Sat night i went out to s.h. to babysit those kids, and i hadn’t seen them since before xmas. The boys were exactly the same though..We played a lot of kickball and soccer. And the little girl was just adorable. She’s 15 months now, and that is my absolute favorite age. You just constantly hear her rambling, and so many times she’d chase after me yelling something in her little language and she seems so sure of what she’s saying. The only actual real words i heard come out of her mouth though were “Michael” and “Whoa”. It’s obvious who she spends a lot of time with. She was just so precious and adorable though. She copied every little thing that I did, and at night we were all sitting on the couch, and she climbed up just to snuggle into my lap. I didn’t want to have to put her to bed, but at bedtime, i rocked her with her bottle, and i just couldn’t believe how big she is now. I was thinking how fast this past year flew by, especially now that I hadn’t seen them for a couple months. I remembered last April, when val had a family emergency, and i rushed out there to take care of the kids.  The baby was 4 months old, and i noticed she was making a weird purring sound when she breathed. I threw her in the car and then chased the boys around the house for 15 minutes before they finally got in the car. I’d just started dating ryan, and i remember calling him from the car, when i was freaking out, frustrated with the boys (who were screaming in the backseat), and worried to death about the baby. Everything was ok though.. The dr just sent us home with a nebulizer, and she just sat there so patiently, giggling and smiling the whole time i gave her her medicine. She’s always been such a happy and loving little girl. It’s moments like that that make me really miss nannying…being a huge part of their lives, helping them through everything as they grow up. And when you’re only there as a fill-in, when you’re missing out on the developments, and you’re just witnessing the jumps from one stage to the next, it’s really scary to notice how fast time is flying by. So i really was thinking about nannying again for the summer…maybe even talking to the parents about working for them this summer. But they said they’d be home a little after eleven, and i had ryan order sushi for me, and he went out and bought wine and was waiting for me…And…The parents came home a little after 12:30. And that is exactly why i left the nanny world. Parents have no sense of obligation when somebody who loves their kids is home with their kids. As i was leaving, they were trying to give me one of their friends’ numbers, with promises of at least $15 an hour for 2 little girls, but it just isn’t worth it right now. There comes a point where it doesn’t matter how much money they throw at you, because you need to have your own life to keep your sanity. I love being at starbucks, so when a set time rolls around, I am out the door. I do babysit parents who are like that, who honor the time that they say they’ll be home, and for those parents, i am more than happy to babysit more often. But for everyone else, I think it’s time i stop doing people favors and start focusing on living my own life for a change.

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