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oh, what a day

Posted by Cauri on March 15, 2006

i went to the psychologist today, because i really needed advice on how to deal with my mom.  Do i cut off all contact with her because she’ll never change?  Do I talk to her and explain all the things I’m mad about from the past?  Do I ignore the past because it’s the past and just talk about what’s bothering me now?  Do I ignore it all and just maintain a relationship with her because she’s my mom?  I just needed some advice, some direction, and i got nothing.  It was sort of frustrating and a huge waste of my time.  And then when i got back to my car, there was a HUGE dent in the side from the asshole parked next to me.  So I did what anyone would do.  I found a piece of paper, wrote FUCK YOU, and left the nice little letter on their windshield. 

Then I went to babysit Sophie & Grace, and they are such adorable, sweet & funny little girls.  I tried to remember half the ridiculously funny things they said, but when bedtime came, i laid down inbetween them, and we all held hands, and i dozed off for a little while with them.  When their parents came home, I ended up staying for an extra hour & a half, just drinking coffee and talking with them.  We covered just about everything, from their daughters, to veganism, war, traveling, movies, and old stories about the crazy people in their band.  They’re just such awesome people.  I loved listening to their stories about when they were in their early twenties, because it reminded me so much of me & ryan.  And it’s really nice when you find other couples to talk to who understand that i’m really part of an “us” now, that I can talk about all the places “we’ve” been and the things we’ve done. It makes me feel wonderful when people ask me all about him…that everybody realizes that he’s what makes me tick, that he’s at the center of my life.  I brought him over there for dinner about two months ago, and i guess hearing them talk about him now, it’s like their little way of letting me know that they approve, in a sense.  They’re just such wonderful people, and i really could talk to them about literally anything.  I’m very lucky to have these kind of relationships in my life. 

One Response to “oh, what a day”

  1. kaili said

    I think the “nice little letter” was funny

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