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storytime & spirituality

Posted by Cauri on March 10, 2006

Yesterday was a great day at work.  Storytime worked out kinda weird…It was all boys.  So the princess books got kind of bumped to the side, and i read kind of quickly because i was getting questions like “How many books are left?”  and “Is every book about dragons?”  and the random “I love you!”  But over-all they were fun to joke around with and a lot less annoying than the regular girls who come in there and have to scan through every picture before letting me turn the page.  I don’t have the patience for girls…I really hope I never have daughters.  Of course my boss called at the beginning and the girl who’s out to jeopardize my career excitedly told him that i was letting kids jump on the chairs.  Ugh, this girl’s really been getting on my nerves, but apparently she had a horrible day yesterday and everybody’s been complaining to my boss about her, so maybe she’ll just get flustered and quit and then the rest of us can go back to just worrying about storytime and nothing else.

Anyway, i had a great day bonding with everybody else.  Amy was planning all these summer trips to festivals (i should be tagging along with her to two) And chris was talking about girls and sharing his writing, and then rachel came in, and i actually got into a really deep spiritual discussion with her.  I take these kinds of conversations very seriously…and they always happen at a time when nobody else is around (we were the only 2 in the building, we didn’t have a single customer for about 40 mins). And she’s christian, but that didn’t even really matter (as it shouldn’t)…We were more focused on the interconnectedness of everyone, meditation/visions, paying attention to your body/intuition, how we’re both empathic & the problems that causes….I guess a general overview of everything…I just always get excited when i can have these kinds of talks with a christian, and there are no barriers put up just because of whom i choose to or not to worship. 

I went out to ryan’s last night, but weeknights go by too fast because we just played games for a little while and then fell asleep.  We had to wake up early so he could get to work, but i felt like i hadn’t slept at all and i was being super grumpy.  When i was sitting in my car, i was still rubbing my eyes, trying to wake up.  It’s a great sign of what today will be like.  At least I’m only babysitting for the Now meeting for a couple hours, and then ryan’s coming over tonight.

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