My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

crazy storytime

Posted by Cauri on February 23, 2006

Today was a very positive, productive day.  My love woke me up with little kisses this morning, and we snuggled a little before we both left for work.  I LOVE being woken up that way.  I was kind of nervous about storytime, because Noah wasn’t coming, and i always like having at least one familiar face that i can kind of play off of (it’s really easy once you know how to get one kid to laugh, to have the rest of the group giggling, and that’s a little more comforting than staring at blank 2-year-old faces.)  But, when i got to work around 9:45, there were already about 15 kids anxiously discussing dinosaurs, and i started getting nervous. By 10:00, the kids had about doubled, and strollers and little feet continued to pour into the store. By 10:10, we had between 30 & 40 toddlers & preschoolers in our store. I was just a little surprised, since we had a whopping TWO kids last week, and one of them was noah.  We set up two blankets on the floor, and i did have a very involved audience for the first 2 stories. But then two super overactive toddlers whose parents didn’t really feel like watching them starting reeking havoc, and things sort of went downhill from there. I kept reading to the 10-15 kids who were interested, but behind me was a mess of toddlers and parents who weren’t paying attention to them. At first I was giving dirty looks and announcing that the kids on the blankets were going to get a special treat, but that didn’t really work since the parents were still all “ohh isn’t my son so adorable” as they were running head-first into garbage cans and throwing cds around the store.  Luckily, most of the monsterous children left by 10:45, and for the last 15 minutes i just had the kids who were really engrossed in the stories. They were all so adorable, and it was nice to be able to hear my voice again and actually read the pages in the book without being distracted.  It was really nice to have so many kids in the store, and it was wonderful to actually have customers!  We did amazing business in that hour, and i really hope we get just as many kids again next week.  I just think I’m going to have to make an announcement at the beginning, to the kids and the parents, that everyone has to stay seated on the blanket, (and they will get their treat at 10:30), and if someone doesn’t want to sit on the blanket anymore, then they’ll have to go outside with their parents for a little while…Because once one child is running around like a maniac, it’s hard to explain to other kids how that’s unacceptable…especially when their own parents are sitting right there and doing nothing about it.  And i think everyone i’m working with would appreciate it if they didn’t get headaches on thursday mornings.


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