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child advocacy

Posted by Cauri on February 21, 2006

So much of my life has boiled down to perfectly good timing. When I was still nannying w/ Ben & Olivia, i started off the semester with 5 classes and ended up dropping down to 3. Of course, first class to go was public speaking. I took it again the next semester (last spring) and sat right next to this lady who’s about my mom’s age. She was also a psych major, and we just got along really well–She was one of those people with a huge heart…The type of person that, after you’ve just met, you already feel like you can talk to her about anything. We’d walk out to our cars together after class everyday and then stand around chatting for a while longer. Well, anyway, i lost contact with her after the semester ended, and about 2 weeks ago she came into starbucks. Apparently she’s a regular from denville, and since we stole all their good baristas (and she knows all of them), she’s been coming to rockaway a little more often. She came in again today, and i heard her talking with another partner, and i overheard “child advocacy” so i kind of jumped in.  She’s finishing up at school this semester and going into the children’s rights program at montclair next fall.  I talked to her for about 20 minutes, and she wrote down a list of organizations i can contact about volunteering to really get involved with children from abusive families. It just seemed to be perfect timing. If this conversation had occurred a month or two ago, i would’ve been interested, but I would’ve passed it off as nothing–i certainly wouldn’t have excitedly jumped into her conversation. I’m going to contact one of these agencies tomorrow…It deals mostly with teenage girls who’ve suffered sexual abuse, so I think that’d be a good start…instead of jumping right into something i may not be able to handle.


One Response to “child advocacy”

  1. Lauren said

    That sounds great, girlie! Well, not for the girls who are there for a reason, but it sounds like something you can definitely do 🙂

    Can’t wait to see/talk to you soon!!

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