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and the Grumpy monstrousness continues

Posted by Cauri on February 6, 2006

On top of the over-emotional monstrousness I’ve been expressing the past 24 hours, I also have a cold. And it’s the kind of cold that’s trapped in my head and weighing me down and forcing me to blink a thousand times a minute just to keep my eyes open. I’m being so grumpy and monsterly. My boyfriend decided to get all excited about going on a cruise with me & his friends in June, but i don’t think today was the day to discuss that with me. Instead of being enthusiastic about the idea (like a normal human being), i had to come up with every reason in the world to dread going on a cruise. Money, seasickness and But how come my friends can’t come? I tried to take a nap for a half hour, hoping that maybe I’d wake up as myself again, instead of a grumpy bitchy monster, but it didn’t really work. I’ve now been babysitting since 3:30, and this has cheered me up…But it’s easy to be more cheerful when you’re spinning around & singing songs about ducks…ya know, as opposed to discussing the details of a cruise with the love of your life.  Somedays, i don’t know how he puts up with me.

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