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the love of god Or a selfish desire?

Posted by Cauri on February 3, 2006

There’s a type of Christian that i absolutely cannot stand. No other type of person on this planet could possibly compare to how angry some Xtians make me. It’s just that ignorant mindset I was complaining about a couple days ago. I just love how adamantly they follow what some book tells them to do. Why not try using your brain? Some psychotic guy just used the argument that the love of God leads him through every day and guides him to make the right decisions. The love of God isn’t guiding him. He’s led by a selfish desire to do everything the only way that would be acceptable to jesus so that he can get into heaven. And unfortunately that same selfish desire that drives many Xtians also leads them to ignore the feelings and needs of the humans still living on this planet.

(sidenote:  this isn’t just a rant about xtians. This was fueled by a rant about abortion, but my head hurts too much to write anymore about it right now).

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