My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

Onions, a symbol of love

Posted by Cauri on February 2, 2006

Last night i had one of those moments…where everything seems to suddenly be coming together.  I’m taking an amazing children right’s class this semester. My professor works for DYFS (in newark), and she is such a sweetheart and inspiring person. This is the kind of class where I’m glued to my seat, fascinated by what my teacher’s saying, and during breaks, i’m still glued there, listening to all of her stories. I’ve been thinking about all of the places I can go from here, all of the children’s lives I could change for the better. These past 4 years have been kind of rough…bouncing from school to school, trying to find somewhere i can really belong, looking for a career i can be passionate about and move into anxiously. Things are finally starting to click for me now. I’m finally feeling like this is where I’m meant to be.

After class, i got in a stupid little argument with ryan about nothing. I was just being grouchy & tired. When I was standing on line to pay for parking, he sent me a hilarious picture of a sad onion. I couldn’t stop laughing, and i felt stupid about being grouchy, so i went out to his house. We watched american idol and had lots of cuddling & scratching before we went to sleep. This morning I was woken up by soft little kisses and ryan staring at me lovingly.

Yeah, this is exactly where i’m meant to be.


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