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Not really a fan of Jesus

Posted by Cauri on January 30, 2006

Every time ryan calls my cell, a picture of jesus illuminates the screen. I find a lot of humor in jesus, but i’m not really a fan of jesus. I’m sure the guy lived, I’m sure he did some great things…great enough that some people decided his story needed to be told. Alright. So did some other people. And i’m not worshipping any of them.

I was blog-hopping one day, following humorous icons & pictures of jesus, and i landed on this 22-yr-old girl’s blog. At 22 years old, you should probably be able to form independent opinions and make independent decisions. She wrote an entry about gay marriage. I realize everyone has their own views on this subject, but it is my opinion that, this is an issue that really doesn’t involve anyone’s opinions. It’s basically an option that should be left up to the two people who are deciding whether or not to get married. If YOU don’t agree with gay marriage, then don’t marry anyone who’s gay… And back to the girl I was ranting about…She was spewing hateful sentences,  which were the opinions of her boyfriend and father and lines from a book (the one with lots of jesus stories) and after each sentence she directly stated “So obviously this is right” and NEVER paused to form a thought on her own. And she received comments praising her for what she wrote! 

I don’t really care what you believe in or if you decide to worship grasshoppers…It’s just the primitive mindset of “This book tells me to do this, so i’d better do it without questioning!” or better yet, “This book tells me that I can’t get into heaven if i do this, so i better make sure NOBODY ON THIS PLANET even considers doing these things!” that I’ll never understand. 


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