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something new?

Posted by Cauri on January 30, 2006

I had an amazing weekend with Ryan. The more time we spend together, the more complete & connected to him I feel.

Friday was my dad’s 55th birthday, so we all went out to dinner (my dad, my brother, Ryan, and me), and I was so happy to have ryan by my side. I’ve never felt this strongly about a boyfriend before. I’ve never had someone so close to me who just feels like family. After dinner, I went back to bayonne with him. We woke up kinda early saturday and played scrabble all morning/afternoon. Then we went shopping to exchange xmas gifts that were too small. Then we swung by blimpie (yum) & came home, and i had an in-depth but rushed conversation with ryan’s mom about how we grew up kind of similarly (with a younger brother and dad). She was saying that since she grew up without a mom, she wanted to be so involved with her own kids’ lives, and I know I’m going to be the same way. I’m already more involved in lives of the kids i’ve nannied for than their own parents are.

Anyway, then we headed to the track with Wuss. I decided to be classy and drink wine out of plastic cups. The boys lost all their money, but since i only invest in things like alcohol, i had nothing to lose. By the end of the night Wuss had me laughing hysterically. (that had nothing to do with the alcohol). Then we brought wuss home and headed into the city for chinese food…we kinda forgot it was the chinese new year, but only one street was blocked off. The restaurant we went to wasn’t that busy, and ryan’s food looked really good, but my broccoli looked like it was covered in spit…and that definitely counts as our “something new” for this weekend.

Sunday we did absolutely nothing, and i loved every second of it.  We woke up around 2, played super scrabble until about 6:30, and then I showered & put clean pj’s back on. We watched a lot of tv, did a lot of scratching and cuddling, and fell asleep around 1. He just brought me home about an hour ago before he went to work, and I feel very content. I feel so grounded, so stable & secure. This is the perfect way to start the week.


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