My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

My Only Way Out

Posted by Cauri on January 16, 2006

I found my way back to my piano tonight. I was complaining to my dad about how it hasn’t been tuned in years, and six keys don’t work. Then i just stood there, looking at it, and then i started going through some old books and playing a couple random songs.  I used to come home from school and glue myself to that piano. It was my way of drowning out the world. It was my only release, my only way out. Tonight when I got to certain parts of songs that I played when I was younger, I started having flashbacks of being in the living room of my old house. It’s weird how many memories were stored in different pages–or different melodies. I saw scenes play out from my childhood that I probably wouldn’t have remembered otherwise. Things like that have been happening a lot lately. Random flashbacks of things i’ve avoided for too long. I guess it’s sort of been the theme of my life lately…recognizing issues that occurred when i was younger, and instead of running from things, immersing myself in them, working through them, and eventually letting go. That’s where the title of this blog came from. They’re also some of my fovorite lyrics by Tori Amos. My only way out…is to go so far in.


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