My Only Way Out

(is to go so far in)

We Have Lids

Posted by Cauri on January 12, 2006

our starbucks has been so unbelievably slow, and yesterday my manager had a meeting where our store was compared to the new sbux in the short hills mall (which is making double what it was expected to make), so in a desperate attempt to get more customers, he had me & amy come in at 5 this morning to bring free coffee to the bus stops around the rockaway mall. It was kind of one of the funniest things i’ve ever done. With the first bus, at 5:30, we pulled up in amy’s car and got everything all set up on her trunk and we were like, “Free coffee!” and no one responded. Amy grabbed a bag of cups for “credibility” and ran over to the line of people asking them if they wanted some coffee. Half the line stared at her, the other half refused to turn their heads, but nobody said anything. She looked at me, then turned back to the line of people and was like, “Um, we have milk and sugar and um lids! We have lids!” At this point i kind of pulled her away and decided we should just wait for the next crowd. When the people got on their bus, the bus driver came over to us and said there was a big commotion and nobody could stop talking about the free coffee. So we headed onto the bus and handed out free food & coffee samples. The next bus that pulled up, the busdriver got off and said he heard on the radio that we had “free stuff”. So he gladly took some things and so did some of his passengers, but with the next couple buses, we were being ignored again..The people would park, walk right by us, ignore us, and stand on line. I think three people actually took coffee in the three hours we were out there. We packed up and drove over to a hotel where a bunch of people were standing outside. We both got out of the car and asked them if they wanted some coffee, and they just started shaking their heads with terrified looks on their faces (like we were giving out poison). So we didn’t even unpack everything, we just headed over to an office building in the area. We started unloading everything again, and we asked like three people who were walking by, but they were so rude! So at that point, we decided just to go to the diner & get some breakfast to go and went back to our store to eat.
There actually were more customers in the store this morning, but that had nothing to do with us.

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