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A new year, a new blog

Posted by Cauri on January 12, 2006

A little background info on who I am/what I do/why I’m here.

The Basics:  I’m 21 (a taurus), an animal lover (vegetarian for almost 6 years), a college student (a procrastinator), ultra-spiritual (a pagan), a babysitter/nanny (crazy), caffeine-addicted barista (a starbucks partner), musical (a percussionist), and a writer (duh).

The Details: I have an absolutely incredible boyfriend. He is the reason I breathe. He is the kind of boyfriend I’d always fantasized about…the kind that wakes you up in the morning by smothering you in kisses and telling you how much he’s missed you, after you just spent the night in his arms. He is just amazing. We have the same sense of humor, and I’m pretty sure he’s the only person on the planet i could spend 14 hours in the car with and still crave more of him. Our New Year’s resolution is to Do, See, or Try something new every weekend =)

I also have incredibly close relationships with my father and brother. My father and I can sit on the couch and talk about our lives for 6 hours without interruption. My brother and I are complete opposites, but the second one of us needs somebody to lean on, we will drop everything for each other. My mother, on the other hand, is the reason I’m in therapy =)  She lives far, far away in a land called South Carolina. I’ve just recently started cutting her out of my life.

My best friend is in her 4th year of school in the middle of nowhere, PA. We’ve been best friends since we were 11, and it’s so weird literally witnessing somebody else grow up with you. She is still the one person I can call at any time of the day when something really upsets me that I feel like nobody else would understand (like the death of a pet mouse). She has always been such a supportive, dependable friend, and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

My other closest friend abandoned me for Florida!  It’s been such an adjustment not having her around, and having a real lack of female friends in general.  I’m also still coping with the loss of a cat I’d had since first grade. She died pretty suddenly about a month ago, and it was a huge shock. I’m still going through an adjustment period (like how to fall asleep without her).

Other Random Tidbits: Sleeping is my favorite, I love the sims2, and i could never be strictly vegan because i love pizza too much =)

One Response to “A new year, a new blog”

  1. Marianne Scharf said

    Aww, I feel so touched to have a few shout-outs in your journal (or blog) whichever you prefer. Is there a difference between journal and blog? Anyway, I didn’t even realize you had this going until today when I went to read your away message, somehow I saw it all the way at the bottom of your profile. And now I am addicted to reading every entry. I should be packing, but no, Im reading about you and Ryan. And I may have left you for Florida, but in just 4 short freakin days ill be back to good old NJ.

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